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Hollywood and Horowitz

The Politics and Propaganda Behind the Silver Screen


How do you suppose Hollywood producers and screenwriters come up with many of their best ideas for motion pictures? They steal them. One would hope that wasn't the case for every Academy Award winning silver screen team, but in Dr. Leonard Horowitz's case, he has never met any of those, only the thieves.

Take for instance Hollywood's infamous Navy Seal turned counter-intelligence propagandist, Steven Seagal--a man who indeed operates, "Above the law." At least that's what he did when he and his screenwriters pilfered the specific details and concepts from Dr. Horowitz's bestseller for his movie "The Patriot." In fact, as you will read below, to add insult to injury, these movie makers spun Dr. Horowitz's character into that of the film's villain.

Steven Segal is perhaps best known for his films "Under Seige I and II". Well known for having undergone training as a "Navy Seal," his early adult education involved "Special Forces," military intelligence, and counter-intelligence. Hollywoods covert operations and propaganda methods and materials) became his forté. Given Mr. Seagal's biography, posted on the Internet at various websites, much of his intelligence training occurred in Japan. His published history reveals, "he lived in Asia for a long time [between 1971 and 1982] and became close to several CIA agents, met powerful people, and did special favors for them. He returned to the US in 1982 and . . . became the favorite teacher of students like Michel Ovitz, and Sean Connery [previously acted as "007" for Her Majesty's secret service] who encouraged his acting aspirations. In 1987 Michael Ovitz personally financed a screen test for Steven that ultimately landed his first film 'Above the Law'' Steven Seagal says about ‘Above the Law' that ‘I was lucky in that I got to play me.' Above the Law was, to some extent, autobiographical. Thus begins the stories about his CIA involvement, etc."

Courtesy and fairness do not appear to be part of Mr. Seagal's repertoire. Rather than acknowledging Dr. Horowitz's too books--Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (co-authored with Dr. Joseph Puleo), Mr. Seagal credited a book titled The Last Canadian for his ideas in "The Patriot."  As you can read below, every major element in Seagal's film derived from Dr. Horowitz's combined works, and nothing from this movie came from The Last Canadian--par for the course in Naval counterintelligence circles.

Dr. Horowitz unearthed little known U.S. Government documents and historic records that proved the U.S. Naval Biological Research Laboratory (NBRL) functioned as American biological weapons industry leaders from at least 1951 to the time of Mr. William C. Heine's wrote The Last Canadian, in the early 1970s. According to reputable authors and historians, following World War II, the German/Nazi biological weapons expert, virologist Erich Traub, was brought to the United States by CIA "Project Paperclip" affiliates. Traub served at the NBRL during the late 1940s, early 1950s. More recently, and relevant to Mr. Seagal larceny of Dr. Horowitz's intellectual property, the latter's bestseller contains a National Cancer Institute (NCI)/National Institutes of Health (NIH) contract proving that viral aerosols, much like the SARS virus spreading today, or the Ebola virus spreading periodically in Africa, as portrayed in "The Patriot," were developed, tested, and additionally studied at the Naval Biological Laboratory (Project PS-57). It program was led by U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) official Dr. Alfred Hellman.

It is, therefore, interesting and incriminating that Mr. Seagal and his alleged source of intelligence for the movie "The Patriot" are linked through naval operations and naval intelligence to secret biological weapons programs and threats to U.S. national security--especially those posed by aerosolized microbial agents. This is, in fact, the only obscure links between "The Patriot"  and The Last Canadian. A critical review of both works show their story lines, plots, and main characters, that is, virtually their entire content are entirely unrelated.

Three other literary works involving naval operations by William C. Heine, are all non-fiction, and are vaguely related to Seagal's apparent interest in the navy. This list, available through Amazon.com in April, 2000, included: 96 Years in the Royal Navy (1987), Historic Ships of the World, and With Perry to Japan: A Memoir by William Heine (co-authored by Frederic Trautmann published in 1990).

The facts show every major idea for the movie, "The Patriot," had been written in Dr. Horowitz's, not Mr. Heine's published works. Is this provable misappropriation not a violation of intellectual and copyrighted properties? Some attorneys say it is; others say it's not. Despite the systematic taking of news, knowledge, and/or painstakingly researched intelligence derived from at least two of Dr. Horowitz's copyrighted publications, Mr. Seagal et al., in Hollywood were able to spin the good doctor's works into a projected deception supporting mass political persuasion.

Background on the Hollywood Heist

In 1996, Tetrahedron Press published the first limited edition printing of what has become a national bestselling hardcover book entitled Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? The controversial and widely acclaimed book is considered by many to be a definitive text in the field of HIV/AIDS and its links to biological warfare, population control, viral weapons development, and politically troublesome/risky vaccine research and development.

Dr. Horowitz's bestseller provides written documentation exposing U.S. intelligence agency operations regarding the development and testing of biological weapons (BW) on U.S. citizens in association with vaccine manufacturing and testing. Obviously, if true (and massive evidence supports Dr. Horowitz's claims) this insidiously lethal industry would require massive counterintelligence propaganda campaigns to cover. These campaigns, according to Dr. Horowitz and others, typically involve Hollywood film makers along with other mainstream media outlets.

In addition, Dr. Horowitz's works conclude that vaccines are tenouous, at best, in preventing disease brought on by infectious agents. His works have exposed pharmaceutical industry links to BW contractors and "white collar" bioterrorists. It is reasonable to conclude that many, if not most, bioterrorist threats to American citizens are orchestrated by intelligence organizations and covert operatives linked to Nazis or neoNazis, even some operating secretly within the U.S. government's intelligence community. This notion has been officially reinforced by recent grand jury inquiries including the Charles Key official investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Particularly implicated by Dr. Horowitz  is the CIA during their largely classified MK:ULTRA/MK:NAOMI mindcontrol/population control/BW programs. Dr. Horowitz, a frequent lecturer and syndicated radio talk show guest, often presented this information before "patriot" gatherings from September, 1996 through 2000. His venues often included the meetings heralded by mainstream media as the premier gatherings of "patriots," "neoNazis," and "militia men." These programs traveled nationally and were often called "Preparedness Expositions."  Dr. Horowitz was routinely among the most highlighted and well received speakers during these events. In addition, from September 1996 to the present, Dr. Horowitz has been often heard on shortwave and nationally syndicated radio talk shows discussing highly inflammatory and politically incorrect issues regarding BW. These shows and networks are the most listened to by members of the American "patriot" and militia group communities. (See D- 5.)

Militiamen Linked to Seagal

In 1997, during these frequent meetings, Dr. Horowitz befriended Montana Militia co-founder and director, Mr. John Trochman. Mr. Trochman is considered one of the foremost authorities on America's militias and a common media consultant on the "patriot movement." Since that time the two men have remained in intermittant contact, sharing information deemed to be relevant to the subjects they study and report, namely BW, covert government operations, and the patriot movement/militia group ideologies and activities, including those having to do with the risk posed to Americans by government and anti-government factions capable of transmitting deadly biologicals.

In this regard, Dr. Horowitz presented intelligence to Mr. Trochman, and other national news sources, including journalist Rick Martin, previously with the Contact (now publisher of The Spectrum), reportedly read frequently by Mr. Seagal. Several  intelligence analyses were provided by Dr. Horowitz regarding one obvious threat--Mr. Larry Wayne Harris--a microbiologist whose arrest for transporting "anthrax spores" to Las Vegas made national headlines on February 18, 1998. Dr. Horowitz's reports, including one successfully predicting, approximately seven months in advance, just such an adventure and media exploitation of Mr. Harris as an admitted agent for the CIA, have appeared for public access on Dr. Horowitz's publisher's website since mid-1997. (See: http://www.tetrahedron.org)

Also, on September 1, 1996, at a meeting on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., reported by the media to be a "neoNazi, militia, and patriot" gathering, Dr. Horowitz introduced himself to Mr. Terry Reid, previously with, and possibly still serving the CIA. Mr. Reid is the author of the bestselling book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA (initially published by Spy Books, New York), that Dr. Horowitz had reviewed in his ninth book, Deadly Innocence: The Kimberly Bergalis Case. At this first meeting, Reid and Horowitz exchaged autographed copies of their books. Dr. Horowitz provided Mr. Reid with both Deadly Innocence and Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola texts.

From August 8, 1997 through 1998 the two men shared the lecture stages of Preparedness Expositions, and periodically dined socially and for business purposes. Between 1997 and 1998, Mr. and Mrs. Reid's book fulfillment business, RICCO FULFILLMENT, was contracted by Dr. Horowitz's publishing company, Tetrahedron Press, to take and fulfill book orders.

On May 2, 1997, a "Mr. Showbiz" news release entitled "Steven Seagal's Patrioti-c Duty" was transmitted stating that Mr. Seagal would play the role of a doctor in a "$35-million independent picture called The Patriot. The story centers on a militia group in Montana that unleashed a stolen biochemical weapon, forcing the whole state to be quarantined. Paul Mones . . . is directing from his own script. The film is set to begin principal photography in Montana this September and is shooting for a fall 1998 release. . . ." the press announcement stated. (See: D-9)

According to one segment in The Film wherein a "Gate Codes" computer time and date chart was captured, this suggested that shooting important scenes may have occurred as late as "Wednesday, July 22, 1998."

Changing the Script to Reflect Dr. Horowitz's Research

From the initial movie description, it is clear that The Film was somewhat different, as virtually all films are, from its original script. Between September, 1997 when shooting was to begin, and The Film's completed shooting as late as July 1998, script changes were undoubtedly made. For example, rather than "forcing the whole state to be quarantined," only a "twenty square mile radius around" a single Montana town was depicted in the final film. Moreover, rather than unleasing a "stolen biochemical weapon," described in the press release, a biological weapon related to the deadly "anthrax" bacterium was used. This was one of many script elements that related to Dr. Horowitz's publications as well as his intellectual properties, and grossly unrelated to William Heine's The Last Canadian.

During this period from September 1997 to July 1998, Mr. Reid, who had been working with Mr. Seagal on another film project, and Dr. Horowitz met  many times to discuss various aspects of their businesses. Also, during this period, the doctor continued his frequent talk show presentations on commonly listened to broadcasts of particular interest to Mr. Reid and Mr. Seagal.  

According to Dr. Horowitz's recollections of statements made by Mr. Reid, before or between 1997 to 1998, Mr. Reid began to negotiate with Mr. Seagal regarding the movie rights for his book, Compromised. Negotiations eventually led to a film production contract, the news of which Mr. Reid relayed to Dr. Horowitz during several meetings in 1998. At the time of this writing, this film, according to Mr. Reid, was still in production by Steven Seagal and associates.

Mr. Reid first approached Dr. Horowitz in the last half of 1998, around the time Mr. Seagal was finished shooting and editing "The Patriot," to allegedly represent his book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, as an agent might, and offer it to Mr. Seagal to acquire for a movie. For this "agent" service, Dr. Horowitz pledged verbally to pay Mr. Reid a standard agent's fee upon the signing of a contract by Mr. Seagal. During the next few months, and by the end of 1998, Dr. Horowitz and Mr. Reid had several additional discussions, including at least two more lengthy meetings over dinner witnessed by third parties whose affidavits are available. During one of these dinner meetings, attended by one of Mr. Seagal's screenwriters, the prospects of selling Mr. Seagal on the idea of producing a film about BW and doctor Horowitz's related works was discussed. At a subsequent meeting between Mr. Reid and Dr. Horowitz, Mr. Reid stated that he had discussed the idea with Mr. Seagal, and had desired to deliver to Mr. Seagal a fictionalized treatment of Dr. Horowitz's intellectual properties and copyrighted materials. Mr. Reid suggested to Dr. Horowitz that the two men collaborate on this Seagal proposal and fiction screenplay. Dr. Horowitz gratefully accepted Mr. Reid's suggestion. Unfortunately, it is now clear that The Film had already been shot, was likely being edited, and shortly thereafter released.

It is not clear why Mr. Seagal, according to Mr. Reid, was interested in doing a fiction film related to Dr. Horowitz's publications, when at that very time he had just completed "The Patriot" which serially misappropriated key elements of Dr. Horowitz's copyrighted works and intellectual properties.

Although Dr. Horowitz respected Mr. Reid's counsel, and their previous business relationship, in retrospect with reference to the above question, and Mr. Reid's CIA background, concerns might be raised as to whether Mr. Reid had been knowingly, or unwittingly, relaying Dr. Horowitz's intellectual property during the course of discussions with Mr. Seagal as early as 1996. Also, unfortunately, given the implications to American intelligence and counterintelligence raised by Dr. Horowitz's properties, Mr. Reid's affiliations with the CIA, said to have been terminated following the assassination of his close friend, Barry Seal, allegedly by CIA contracted hit men; and his subsequent flight to Mexican assylum, might be investigated in the context of this complaint. It is possible that Mr. Reid, again knowingly or unwittingly, has remained in the service of the CIA as a source of intelligence concerning the patriot movement, militia groups, and threats posed by these elements including, and especially, those most meticulously studied and effectively communicated by Dr. Horowitz.

In fact what would be surprising is if the CIA was NOT observing Dr. Horowitz, Mr. Reid, and others like Mr. Trochman, and not impacting the public's perception and reception of their publications and pronouncements.

Moreover, if Mr. Reid was either a willing or duped provider of Dr. Horowitz's misappropriated intellectual property to American intelligence and counterintelligence agencies tied to Hollywood, then, under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, the Federal Bureau of Investigation might have cause to investigate this matter under federal crime statutes. Then Mr. Seagal, and possibly Mr. Reid, would not only be involved in a civil complaint filed by Dr. Horowitz, but possibly face criminal charges following a possible federal investigation.

In any case, it is apparent based on the documentation below, that either Mr. Reid's suggestions, and/or Mr. Seagal's other research/intelligence source(s) relayed substantial amounts of Dr. Horowitz's properties to Mr. Seagal, that were ultimately included in his film.

Further implicating Mr. Seagal in the misappropriation of Dr. Horowitz's, and his colleague's Dr. Puleo's, intellectual properties, is Mr. John Trochman's testimony. Besides Mr. Reid relaying Dr. Horowitz's intellectual property and copyrighted materials to Mr. Seagal, Mr. John Trochman testifies that he may have done the same.

According to initial statements made by Montana Militia director Trochman to Dr. Horowitz, Mr. Trochman first contacted Mr. Seagal prior to the later finalizing the script of "The Patriot." Mr. Trochman learned that Mr. Seagal intended to produce a film that dealt with "militia groups" and "patriots" involved with aspects and risks of BW deployment during a Montana advertising campaign. Papers in Missoula, Bozeman, and Ennis Montana, Mr. Trochman recalled, carried this message through paid advertisements. In this manner, Mr. Seagal hoped to recruit persons knowledgeable and/or involved in these Montana political groups. Naturally, Mr. Trochman, being the principle leader and expert in this area contacted Mr. Seagal's liasons to arrange a personal meeting. According to Mr. Trochman, his entire motivation to meet with Mr. Seagal stemmed from his desire to have his Montana militia and patriot groups be fairly represented in the final script.

Through a politically influential third party contact, Mr. Clint Cain, who intervened on Mr. Trochman's behalf, Mr. Trochman secured a meeting to discuss details and possible modifications in The Film's script. The meeting was held in Ennis, Montana. During this meeting with Mr. Seagal, Mr. Trochman provided a number of suggestions in an effort to "set the record straight" regarding militia and patriot groups. During one of their most focused and emotionally charged discussions, Mr. Trochman initially told Dr. Horowitz then later changed his testimony, Mr. Larry Wayne Harris was discussed. Again, Dr. Horowitz had discussed the risks posed by (self-proclaimed CIA operative) Mr. Harris with Mr. Trochman in early to mid 1997.

Mr. Trochman initially recalled that Mr. Seagal was moved by this information to assert to a co-producer that he pay more attention to Mr. Harris's type of character, and that this information needed to be reflected in the script. Later, Mr. Trochman said he could not recall having done that. From this, as well as other media sources available to Mr. Seagal, Dr. Horowitz believes, the main character/villian in "The Patriot," was further developed to reflect Mr. Larry Wayne Harris and Dr. Horowitz's character. Further, the pathogenic risk presented in The Film was modified from an unspecified "biochemical weapon" to the "anthrax"-like biological weapon discussed in Dr. Horowitz's works, and for which Mr. Harris was arrested by federal agents in Las Vegas.

Again, the main militiaman villain in "The Patriot" was a combinantion of Mr. Harris's and Dr. Horowitz's personas.

The other main character in The Film, played by Mr. Seagal, was a holistic "country-type" doctor with native American associations and herbal healing expertise. This character was developed from Dr. Horowitz's colleague and co-author, Dr. Joseph Puleo. Additional identifiable elements in "The Patriot" script reflect Dr. Puleo's intellectual property.

Dr. Puleo served since 1996 as the Trochman family's naturopathic physician.

Precisely befitting the character played by Seagal in "The Patriot," Dr. Puleo is a naturopathic physician and native-American oriented herbalist. He is a founding member and ardent researcher in the World Natural Health Organization. Dr. Puleo practices holistic forms of healthcare as discussed in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. He does this on "sacred" native American property. He is considered an esteemed medicine man by regional Indians who have awarded Dr. Puleo special honors following his successful treatment of a tribal chief whom native medicine men were unsuccessfully treating. Like Mr. Seagal's character, Dr. Puleo wears Indian jewelry while treating patients, and his links to the native American culture is very evident in his home practice. Besides this, Dr. Puleo is an avid scientific investigator with substantial knowledge in immunology. He routinely develops natural/herbal medicinal treatments for bacterial and viral infections. He is known for his open criticism of what he believes is an ongoing deployment of BW by U.S. military and intelligence factions, and what many believe is an ongoing attack against unsuspecting American citizens, particularly affecting people of color including native Americans. Besides this, Dr. Puleo is the developer of what has been nationally promoted as the "Flower of Life" tea which contains blue/purple leaves from the Malva Sylvastris plant, sometimes called "Blue (purple) Malva," that Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Puleo both believe was misappropriated by Mr. Seagal for "The Patriot."

Although Mr. Trochman can not recall, according to Dr. Puleo, Mr. Trochman had casually mentioned during a treatment visit, having passed information regarding Dr. Puleo and his holistic practice on to Mr. Seagal. According to Dr. Puleo, Mr. Seagal further learned about Dr. Puleo's intellectual properties and "Flower of Life" tea through an unfortunate circumstance. Mr. Seagal, apparently sick with some ailment, visited Sandpoint, Idaho to be treated by acquaintances of Dr. Puleo, Mr. Carl Story and Mr. Vince Bertolini, two men affiliated with White Supremacy groups. Mr. Seagal sought these individuals for allegedly special care. They were to have provided electro-magnetic frequency generated therapy for Mr. Seagal. According to Dr. Puleo's recollection, Mr. Seagal was offended by one or both of these men and subsequently was offered a visit with Dr. Puleo. During this time, and/or through Mr. Trochman, Seagal acquired the general characteristics of The Film's hero--Dr. Wes McClaren--a holistic physician/master herbalist, influenced by Native American customs and medicine, with exceptional knowledge in immunology, infectious diseases, and biological warfare issues, with a latent distrust of U.S. Government actions in the BW arena.

Later, in January, 1999, without Dr. Horowitz's knowledge or permission, Dr. Puleo relayed Dr. Horowitz's first unedited, yet copyrighted, draft of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse to Mr. Seagal by way of Mr. Trochman. According to Dr. Puleo, Mr. Trochman mailed this manuscript to Mr. Seagal. The blue/purple "Flower of Life" tea is featured in both The Film and this book. Dr. Horowitz credits Dr. Puleo for this intellectual property, and his character, as relayed in his book. Mr. Seagal does not credit either Dr. Horowitz or Dr. Puleo for this or, as detailed below, a series of highly specific "misappropriated" elements of information.

Instead, Seagal credits the old out of print book, The Last Canadian, that contains nothing of The Film's content, nor virtually any of its concept. This fact alone supports an indictment as to the deceptive intent of Seagal's actions. It further suggests a malicious motive to suppress public recognition of Dr. Horowitz's work, and restrict fair trade and economic opportunity in the film industry. The reason for this is clear, since Mr. Seagal's movie was in production, other film companies have shied away from a retreatment.

Suffice it to say, Steven Seagal's movie "The Patriot, " based on the above and evidence below, best reflects a conpiracy to conduct economic espionage and, at the same time, propagate disinformation in newsworthy areas critical to U.S. national security.

A Compilation of Similarities Between "The Patriot" Movie and
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz's Published Works
As Opposed to Dissimilarities Between The Film and the Credited Book,

The Last Canadian: Evidence for the Systematic "Missappropriation"

of Dr. Horowitz's Intellectual Properties and Violated Copyrights by

Mr. Seagal, et. al.

The Main Character--"Dr. Wesley McClaren"--Played By Mr. Seagal

"The Patriot" begins with an introduction to the "holistic" medical doctor and herbalist, Wesley McClaren, played by Mr. Steven Seagal. As The Film opens, "Wes" is preparing "homecooked jungle juice" that he correctly predicts would save his daughter's terminally ill pony. Dr. McClaren, barring his survivalistic capabilities, bears no relationship to The Last Canadian's hero, Mr. Eugene Arnprior. Dr. McClaren has much in common, however, with the main character in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse--naturopathic physician Dr. Joseph Puleo. Similarities in character between Dr. McClaren and Dr. Puleo include their rural health practices in the great Northwest, their primary reliance on (as it states on Dr. McClaren's plackard in the film--"Holistic Therapy") herbal formulas for healing, their close association with Native Americans and the herbal medicine men upon which they rely, their expertise in immunology, sophisticated knowledge concerning American biological weapons developers and covert intelligence agency/military operations, a patient population including several members of regional militias and patriots, a tendency to barter for health services rendered, and a distrust of both government affairs and fanatical militia group members. The Last Canadian's hero, Eugene Arnprior, holds none of these distinguishing characteristics.

The Villain Character--"Floyd Chisholm"

Soon, the main villian in "The Patriot" is introduced as "Floyd Chisholm," a greying overweight, and crude mannered leader of a local militia group. The Film describes Mr. Chisholm as "a neo-Nazi with a history of radical confrontations with authorities who is currently wanted for multiple federal weapons violations . . . the self-described "patriot" of a new America." Chisholm is shown lecturing and educating other patriots and militiamen regarding his belief that there is "only room for 100% Americans and nothing else." U.S. Government agencies "ATF, CIA, the FBI . . . the real tyrants," he asserts, have sold out to a United Nations run by shadow governors who routinely "dupe" even U.S. Presidents. Mr. Chisholm's militia are characterized and demonized as being "eager and wanting to fight" in a gun battle against the FBI. Mr. Chisholm then actualizes his plan to spread an anthrax-like biological weapon, initially developed and then stolen from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) labs. He exposes public officials, law enforcers, and incidentally, the general population of Ennis, Montana to this anthrax-like agent.

Conversely, there are no central villains or purveryors of deadly contageon such as Mr. Chisholm in The Last Canadian. Here, Russian officials play the primary villian roles.

As briefly described above, according to Mr. John Trochman (406-847-2735), Mr. Chisholm's character was largely developed in the final script based on his and Dr. Horowitz's concerns regarding Mr. Larry Wayne Harris.

Dr. Horowitz wrote about Mr. Harris and his exploits extensively as a service to the American public health, patriot, militia, and intelligence communities. As a concerned citizen and public health professional, Dr. Horowitz posted on his website (http:www.tetrahedron.org) that Mr. Harris was believed to be working for the CIA in counter-intelligence, linked to a neo-Nazi group, and a grave threat to public health and safety. Moreover, Dr. Horowitz correctly predicted, seven months in advance, that Mr. Harrris would likely be used again to support U.S. Government counter-intelligence activities in the realm of BW. Mr. Harris's physical characteristics are much like the villain, Floyd Chisholm.

Following Mr. Trochman's efforts to enlighten Mr. Seagal regarding the whereabouts and activities of Mr. Larry Wayne Harris, it is highly likely researchers for Mr. Seagal accessed and then utilized Dr. Horowitz's intelligence on Mr. Harris for their developing character of Mr. Chisholm. As Mr. Trochman and Dr. Horowitz had already shared their knowledge concerning the risks posed to the public by Mr. Harris, much of this was passed on to Mr. Seagal during his meeting with Mr. Trochman. At that time, Dr. Horowitz was the leading investigator, author, and media personality, exposing Mr. Harris. Dr. Horowitz and Mr. Trochman discussed at length prior to the later's meeting with Mr. Seagal the biological weapons risks posed by Mr. Harris, especially regarding Mr. Harris's focused attention on anthrax. It was Horowitz's contention that Mr. Harris was working on behalf of government agencies including the CIA.

Dr. Horowitz's intelligence, publications, and pronouncents indicated Mr. Harris activities were furthering the CIA's covert operations including their mind control and population control program, code-named MK:ULTRA, and their biological weapons program--a subordinate part of the MK:ULTRA program code-named MK:NAOMI. This information comes from the U.S. Congressional Record reprinted in Dr. Horowitz's book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. (See pp. 409-410; D-10.). In the Healing Codes book, and in several of Dr. Horowitz's previous publications including those available in FTP public access files from the Tetrahedron.org website, evidence is provided linking such CIA operations to a subservant role played by the agency on behalf of the British MI6 and the Euro-American, U.N. controlling, oligarchy. (See pp. 107-111; D-11.) Virtually all of this unique and specific knowledge is relayed in one form or another in The Film.

It is important to note, that Dr. McClaren intimates in The Film, a similar contention advanced by Dr. Horowitz that the CIA was supporting and/or using Mr. Harris. According to Mr. Harris, his family, and close associates, as popularized by Dr. Horowitz in his communications (See D-6–8.), the CIA furthered Mr. Harris's career in microbiology and BW. Naturally, in the press, the agency repeatedly disavowed these alleged connections to Mr. Harris, and demonized him as a political extremeist with neo-Nazi connections, just as Mr. Seagal characterized Floyd Chisholm.

Again, nothing in The Last Canadian resembles this.

The Use of Anthrax as A Weapon

Based on Mr. Trochman's testimony, it is likely the original script of "The Patriot" was modified to reflect Mr. Harris's character and the threat of anthrax as the biological weapon wrecking havoc in The Film. Dr. Horowitz's correct prediction that Mr. Harris was likely to be used at an opportune time to further CIA and U.S. Govt. BW agendas, reflects the in-depth and unique analysis provided by Dr. Horowitz as expressed vaguely in The Film. But the specific citing of anthrax in leau of hundreds of other possible agents available to Mr. Seagal is telling.

Mr. Chisholm's effort to transmit deadly anthrax is preceded by his self-infection and vaccination with an impotent vaccine. This also draws largely on Dr. Horowitz's unique, if not signature, work as is discussed in greater detail below. In this scene, Mr. Seagal makes it clear that this weapon is a U.S. Government creation. This expresses Dr. Horowitz's primary thesis of his two books. The label reads: "United States Government ‘NAM-37' Toxicity Level: LETHAL; Level 4 Biohazard." The experation date on the glass containing the depicted weapon is "10-99."

The Character of "Richard Hardbach, Ph.D."

Early in the film the character of the principle U.S. Government official involved in this biological weapons issue is identified as Richard Hardbach, Ph.D. Dr. McClaren asks him over the telephone, "Who's your boss? Who's paying your bills? A little alphabet company that rhymes with CIA?"

            Dr. Hardbach replies, "Yeah. Yeah. Something like that. Hell, come on, hop on board. Shit, we'll have us a blast!"

            The hero replies, "I'm through with them with work, and I don't want to have anything to do with public health either."

            Dr. Hardbach hangs up upset, then turns to a very high ranking U.S. Navy official and says, "How the hell am I supposed to get his cooperation if I can't even tell him the truth?"

Again, there is nothing in Mr. Heine's The Last Canadian that remotely suggests that U.S. Naval Biological Laboratories officials, or even U.S. Naval officials at all, are overseeing a CIA supported/funded "black op" involving biological weapons development and outbreak response. In fact, just the opposite is implied as Mr. Heine considered the lack of U.S. biological warfare laboratory outbreaks indicated the plague in The Last Canadian was a natural scourge.

The Film, however, reflects the precise scenario evidenced in the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola by Dr. Horowitz. (To reiterate, this book was given to Mr. Terry Read, previously, and perhaps still, affiliated with the CIA, as well as currently engaged with Mr. Seagal to produce a movie about his work with the agency during the Iran Contra affair. It is likely that Mr. Seagal received Dr. Horowitz's book, and/or intelligence regarding it, as early as September, 1996, when it was given as a gift to Mr. Reid by Dr. Horowitz. Mr. Reid told Dr. Horowitz of his intention to relay this material to Mr. Seagal for the first time in late 1998.

The CIA's Suspected Infiltration of Terrorist Organizations for Covert Operations in Support of Political Agendas

In The Film, shortly after Dr. Hardbach arrives in Innes, to assist in the medical emergency and military containment operations, Dr. McClaren asks him, "Who do you suppose let the monster out of the cage, Dick?"

Dr. Hardbach explains that the germ culture had been stolen by someone who was traced to Billings, MT, where he was taken into custody by federal officials."He killed himself before the interogation team could get to him."

            "You sure he killed himself. Sounds too convenient to me," Mr. Seagal's character replied.

This dialogue advances exactly what  Dr. Horowitz has routinely expressed since early 1997 in  both his published works and nationally broadcast media interviews, that the CIA has infiltrated American militia, terrorist, and/or other political groups that pose a risk to U.S. national security, and actually use individuals within these groups to further their agendas and conduct covert operations. In this film segment, Mr. Seagal likewise expresses his belief that the theft and transfer of the deadly anthrax culture was likely "conviently" orchestrated by the CIA or higher commanders. 

Again, there is nothing in The Last Canadian vaguely similar to this idea or "intellectual property" that Dr. Horowitz advanced.

Biological Weapons As Opposed to Traditional Methods of Mass Destruction

Moments later in The Film, Dr. Hardbach explains to Dr. McClaren, "Wes, smart bombs of the future are going to be microscopic. Germs are cheaper. They don't kill buildings. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what I think. That's the way it is, and we've got to deal with that."

           "Yeah. We're going to deal with it. I just hope it don't take out the whole world in the meantime," the hero replies.

This segment also relays what had previously been studied and advanced by Dr. Horowitz beginning with Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? wherein Dr. Henry Kissinger's nuclear weapons policies affecting the global balance of powers were largely overshadowed by the opportunity to develop biological weapons that could depopulate without destroying valuable properties and infrastructures. This was discussed in Dr. Horowitz's book, based on reprinted Congressional Records' hearing testimonies by previous CIA directors, and other historic documents linking Dr. Kissinger to Project: MKNAOMI as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon. (See: Emerging Viruses . . . pp. 305-307, D- 12).

This entire concept is further refined and supported with additional documentation in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (See Chapter 12, pp.444-452; D-13).

Again, there is nothing in Mr. Heine's work that remotely reflects this awareness.

Vaccine Inefficacy Against Anthrax and other Infectious Agents

"Can you keep a secret?" Dr. McClaren asks his daughter in The Film regarding vaccinations. "I'm really afraid of needles. I hate them!"

Minutes later, Mr. Chisholm's militia subordinate, Polk, told his commander, "We got a problem . . . the antitoxin doesn't work. It slows it [the anthrax disease] down, but it doesn't stop it. . . . We're both dying."

In the middle of the film, Dr. Hardbach admits to the main characters, "Anti-toxin doesn't work. At least not for very long."

Towards the end of The Film, Dr. McClaren gives up frantic efforts to develop a vaccine in favor of successfully treating the outbreak with blue/purple flowers.

This reflects Dr. Horowitz's works precisely, and Dr. Puleo's efforts exactly. Dr. Puleo claims to have been the source of information passing to Mr. Seagal regarding a similar "Flower of Life Tea" discussed in his and Dr. Horowitz's copywritten book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

These three sequences in "The Patriot" are unlike any contained in the book The Last Canadian.  They do, however, closely reflect the information and recommendations delivered by Dr. Horowitz in the copywritten audiotaped material "Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations" (1997) and "Horowitz ‘On Vaccines'" (1998) based on the evidence compiled in the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? This text, even according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials is partly, if not largely, responsible for America's anti-vaccination movement and a growing wave of negative attitudes concerning vaccinations. In recent months, the book was requested for research and evidence by the U.S. Government Reforms Committee led by Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) to investigate vaccine related injuries, and connections between the vaccine industry, military industrialists, and biological weapons contractors. Out of respect for his efforts, Dr. Horowitz was invited to attend the meeting by Committee hearings administrator, Beth Clay, but he was refused his requested opportunity to testify. He was told his evidence was too disturbing.

In military circles, and the mainstream media during 1999, the inefficacy of the anthrax vaccine to combat the different strains of anthrax has been of critical concern. Dan Burton's investigating committee, early in 2000, recommended that DoD place a moratorium on this vaccine's use based on disconcerting evidence compiled by the hearings committee. These recommendations, however, failed to convince DoD to stop their anthrax vaccine program.

Mr. Seagal's adept portrayal of the therapeutic inefficacy of the anthrax vaccine, and mistrust of vaccines in general, clearly reflects Dr. Horowitz's expertise and contributions in this field. It also possibly reflects foreknowledge, gained from military/medical intelligence officials, reflecting the limitations of anthrax vaccines. Between 1997 and the current time, only two Americans have largely and repeatedly addressed these concerns in the mainstream media. These individuals are Dr. Horowitz and Retired Army Reserve Capt. and Gulf War nurse Joyce Riley. Nurse Riley routinely acknowledges Dr. Horowitz's expertise, publications, and advice in this matter. Thus, Mr. Seagal would have either derived his anthrax vaccine intelligence directly from CIA affiliated military/medical intelligence experts, or from Dr. Horowitz's works.


Adding to the evidence supporting this  "misappropriation" complaint, mid-way through The Film, Dr. McClaren infiltrates a top secret underground biological weapons laboratory. To gain entrance he recovers from his home an identification badge that reads "Biological Response Team," and modifies it to reflect his DARPA affiliation. Other heading options include the "CDC, CIA, NIH, and USAMRIID." The expiration date on his badge is 07-18-99. For those who may be unfamiliar with DARPA, it stands for the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. It was born in the late 1950s, and its involvement included military aerospace programs and biological weapons research and development projects such as those discussed in Dr. Horowitz's book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? Under the Zairian dictator Mobutu, funded by the NATO alliance collaborating with OTRAG (ex-Nazi) officials, operating during the early 1970s in the heart of what became the African AIDS belt, according to investigative journalist Roman Ribera Canet, DARPA was involved at the time with "the CIA-military complex [and] AIDS like virus projects."

DARPA, it was published by Dr. Horowitz in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, had joint ventures with Argonne Laboratory working on medical communication systems and a medical biochip that the author reported had theoretic links to the "mad cow disease" prion crystal agent. According to Mr. Canet's research, in 1969, DARPA funded "a communications network based on phone lines, linking universities and military researchers--the father of the internet. Related knowledge is also presented in "The Patriot" wherein militia leader Chisholm says to his colleague, "You know what's funny? They built this virus. They made this internet thing. Now I'm going to put it to good use."

To our knowledge, Dr. Horowitz's book, is the only definitive work published throughout the world that definitively links the CDC, CIA, NIH and USAMRIID operations and operatives to America's biological weapons race and the military–medical–industrial–complex that largely relies on propaganda programs and counter-intelligence efforts to advance their economic and political agendas.

Again, these agencies are not mentioned in Mr. Heine's book The Last Canadian. Nor is the theme that government biological weapons programs victimize civilian populations.

According to Dr. Horowitz's definitive research, and the extraordinarily convincing documentation that he reprints in both of his books--primarily government documents--the above taxpayer funded agencies have been intimately involved in ongoing biological and chemical weapons experiments, often under the guise of biomedical and cancer research, since their inception. Since September, 1996, the entire "patriot movement" and American militia groups have relied principally on Dr. Horowitz's published works and media pronouncements to gain and disseminate their intelligence in regard to threats posed by government agencies regarding biological weapons.

Thus, in "The Patriot," when Mr. Chisholm and his associate post on their "5th Montana Militia" website, "Help us! The Federal Government is using biological warfare against us! Protect Yourself Now!" they are relaying Dr. Horowitz's principle thesis, his published works, his virtual words, that Mr. Seagal and co-defendants have largely misappropriated.

Native American Connections

Towards the end of The Film the audience is introduced to Dr. McClaren's in-laws. They are Native American. His father-in-law is an accomplished medicine man highly informed about herbal healing methods. Again, nothing in The Last Canadian resembles this feature. Later, this medicine man, and grandfather to Dr. McClaren's daughter, provides "our secret"--a special blue/purple flower that is ultimately used to make the tea required for immunity against anthrax.

As discussed above under "The Complaint," in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, it is learned that Dr. Puleo resides and practices holistic medicine on "sacred" native American property. To briefly reiterate, he is considered an esteemed medicine man by regional Indians. Dr. Puleo wears Indian jewelry while treating patients, and his links to the native American culture is very evident in his home practice. Besides this, Dr. Puleo is the developer of what has was discussed in the book and on national radio programs as the "Flower of Life" tea which contains blue/purple leaves from the Malva Sylvastris plant, sometimes called "Blue (purple) Malva." Dr. Horowitz asserts that even the color of this special tea flower was used by Mr. Seagal for "The Patriot."

Probable Cause for "Misappropriations" Affecting the Plaintiff:

The Patriot" As Possible Counter-Intelligence Propaganda

Dr. Horowitz has published and meticulously documented, initially in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, and later in peer reviewed scientific journals, his thesis that numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by the Army's sixth top biological weapons contracting firm--Litton Bionetics, a subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contracting firm Litton Industries with intimate ties to NATO and NASA projects, as well as African studies conducted in cooperation with the NCI and the NIH funded International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) based in France and Northwest Uganda. His evidence includes the U.S. Government contracts (NIH-71-2025) published on pp. 427-28 of his book.

In addition, he has argued very persuasively, that the international AIDS pandemic was triggered by vaccine programs. In particular, he cites the 1974-1975 hepatitis B vaccine given to gay men in New York City, and Blacks in Central Africa, as chiefly responsible for triggering the earliest AIDS cases in these areas by the late 1970s and early 1980s. Implicated by this documentation, and extraordinary admissions by three leading scientists involved in related research at that time, is the Merck pharmaceutical company. In addition, Dr. Horowitz has published evidence and historic documents linking this company administratively and financially to America's BW industry and world depopulation funding sources and programs.Today, Dr. Horowitz proves with stunning documentation that the Merck Fund and Rockefeller Foundation are among with world's leading depopulation funding agencies and that both are heavily influenced by Dr. Henry Kissinger who in 1971 penned National Security Memorandum 200 that called for massive Third World depopulation, following his selection of the CIA's option to develop biological weapons as an alternative to nuclear war threats. Dr. Kissinger is also cited in Congressional Records as chiefly responsible for deploying CIA operatives in Zaire/Angola for "intelligence" missions in what has become the "heart of the African AIDS belt."

Obviously, without seriously entertaining the possibility, if not probability, of a global conspiracy in this regard, CIA and National Security Agency officials would be aggressively opposed to Dr. Horowitz's information and documentation reaching the public. Thus, there is a clear motive for suppressing the evidence addressed in Dr. Horowitz's books and tapes, particularly as they relate to the ongoing pandemics of vaccine related injuries and deaths through which pharmaceutical industrialists, along with intelligence agencies' support, expand their economic and depopulation (i.e., genocidal) agendas. 

Dr. Horowitz submits this as among the possible, if not probable, causes of Mr. Seagal's crediting The Last Canadian as the inspiration and information source for "The Patriot," rather drawing additional attention to Dr. Horowitz's intellectual properties. This allegation is supported by document D-3 which reflects Dr. Horowitz's negotiations with movie producers who were unable to secure feature film or documentary production contracts from either major or minor studios, primarily due to the fact that Mr. Seagal, and to a lesser extent other film producers, had developed films that addressed, albeit superficially in a mode consistent with sophisticated counter-intelligence propaganda, the themes advanced by Dr. Horowitz in his works. 

MK:ULTRA and Mr. Seagal's Role

Near the end of "The Patriot" is a very telling scene providing a series of "misappropriated" messages from Dr. Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? along with statements by Mr. Seagal's character that may be central to a primary or secondary motive for "misappropriation" and economic espionage against Dr. Horowitz works, as discussed above. When finally the hero and villian meet face-to-face, Dr. McClaren asks Mr. Chisholm, "Who are you at war with sir?"

           Mr. Chisholm replies, "You know very well who I'm at war with. You work for them. I'm at war with the bastards that came up with MK:ULTRA, mind control, narcohypnosis, you've heard of that haven't you doc. The government did 70 to . . . 100,000 experiments on innocent people. They didn't even know about it. They've done it before, and they'll do it again. We [you] know that they do these things!

            Dr. Chisholm admitted, "I do."

            "How about this AIDS thing? Did you help cook that one up too? What's your game plan? Global 2000. Gliebenstrom heir doctor [insinuating a German/Nazi connection to the series of indictments]?

            "The fact of the matter is, when I came into the [Central Intelligence A]gency," Dr. McClaren confessed, "I was there for one thing, and that is to develop compounds that would defend the United States of America against foreign biochemical agents. Now I did create some things that they may have used in the wrong way. They may have stockpiled them. They may not have destroyed them, and that may be the reason I quit, and got into the biggest shit fight in the world with these folks. It is not sane to release a biochemical agent to kill thousands or millions of people."

The preceding dialogue is based on the following series of inclusions and conclusions reached in Dr. Horowitz's two books. It may also be considered close to the dialogue that might be expected had Dr. Horowitz, rather than "Mr. Chisholm," met Mr. Seagal face-to-face:      

          You work for them [the CIA and affiliated intelligence agencies]. I'm at war with the bastards that came up with MK:ULTRA, mind control, narcohypnosis, you've heard of that haven't you doc. The government did 70 to . . . 100,000 experiments on innocent people. They didn't even know about it. They've done it before, and they'll do it again. We [you] know that they do these things! [See Dr. Horowitz's "Chapter: 17: The CIA's Human Experiments" in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola pp. 309-329, wherein MK:ULTRA is discussed. Also see: Chapter 4, pp. 35-50; and "Chapter 12: MK:ULTRA and the ‘Mark of the Beast'" in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse pp. 407-456.]

            Dr. McClaren admitted, "I do."

            "How about this AIDS thing? Did you help cook that one up too? [See Chapter 25, "Smoking Guns and Conclusions," along with "Chapter 6: Gallo's Research Anthology: The AIDS Buck and Virus Stops Here," and "Chapter 7: HIV-1, HIV-2, and the ‘Big Bang," in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola . . .]

            "What's your game plan? Global 2000?" [See "Chapter 10: African Foreign Policy and Population Control," pp. 153-188; and "Chapter 11: Henry Kissinger's ‘New World Order,'" pp. 189-215 in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola . . . ; and "Chapter 4: The Bible Codes and The Protocols:Effectively Manipulating the Masses," pp. 125-151; and "Chapter 11: EISCAT and Project HAARP: Killing All the Birds From Iron Mountain With One Secret Stone," pp. 369-406 in Healing Codes . . . ]  Gliebenstrom (spelling?) Herr doctor  [insinuating a German/Nazi connection to the series of indictments]? [See: "Chapter  18: Nazi Roots of American Central Intelligence: The Biological Weapons Industry," pp. 331-346; and "Chapter 20: OTRAG: Links to Nazis, NATO, NASA, the NCI and AIDS," pp. 363-384 in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola .]

            "The fact of the matter is, when I came into the [Central Intelligence A]gency," Dr. McClaren confessed, "I was there for one thing, and that is to develop compounds that would defend the United States of America against foreign biochemical agents. [ A similar defense and argument is made by Mr. Norman Covert , of the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick garrison, as detailed on pp.49-50, and in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola ]  Now I did create some things that they may have used in the wrong way. [See: "Chapter 4: The Road to Fort Detrick Runs Through Bethesda," pp. 35-50 in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola ] They may have stockpiled them. [See: "Chapter 15: The CIA Detrick Operation," pp. 275-297; "Chaper 16: Project MK:NAOMI," pp. 299-307; and "Chapter: 17: The CIA's Human Experiments" in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola pp. 309-329.] They may not have destroyed them, and that may be the reason I quit, and got into the biggest shit fight in the world with these folks. It is not sane to release a biochemical agent to kill thousands or millions of people." [See also professional arguments discussed in "Chapter 4: The Road to Fort Detrick Runs Through Bethesda," pp. 35-50 in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola.]

Hollywood, Mainstream Media, and CIA Directed Propaganda

On Tuesday evening September 7, 1993, the CBS Evening News aired a special "Reality Check" segment. Dan Rather reported that the U.S. government spends between $2.5 and $3 billion of taxpayer money every year on public relations campaigns. The administration directs 10,858 federal public affairs workers to generate a barrage of press releases that target the media and daily influence world news. In essence, Rather reported, "critics say too much taxpayer money is being spent by the government to say nice things about itself."

The previous year during another CBS News report on "Watergate: The Secret Story," Rather admitted publicly that much of what the news media broadcasts is censured by political bigwigs. Through the CIA, FBI, and FCC, the CBS News anchorman reported, politically correct positions are guarded and counterintelligence campaigns are continuously waged and won. Rather noted, for instance, that during the Nixon administration, the CIA "had ways of influencing a lot of [media] people on the beat, either through their editors or publishers or through granting of favors, all the ways that guys, politicians from county courthouses and city halls and state legislatures do it, but in very sophisticated ways. . . ."

Likewise, in Keeping America Uninformed, author Donna Demac traced the demise of America's free press largely to the FBI and CIA again during this same period in history. Demac wrote:

Richard Nixon, for example, for whom journalists were a persistent headache, eventually had intelligence agents wiretapping reporters' telephone lines, opening their mail, and raiding press offices. Such measures were believed to have ended when Nixon left office. [However,] . . . the Reagan administration also authorized the FBI and CIA to search newsrooms and institute a stream of ad hoc restrictions. It was primarily interested . . . in designing laws and regulations that would outlast the administration and reposition the media as a subordinated source of information about the actions of government.

According to the Church Committee, by February 1976, fifty American journalists were working for the CIA. Carl Bernstein wrote for Rolling Stone that according to CIA documents, "more than 400 American journalists . . . in the past 25 years have secretly carried out assignments for the CIA." Such efforts, wrote Bernstein, contributed to the distortion of news at home as well as abroad.

The authors of Covert Action Information Bulletin added:

The CIA has at various times owned or subsidized more than 50 newspapers, news services, radio stations, periodicals and other communications entities, sometimes in the U.S. but mostly overseas. Another dozen foreign-based news organizations, not CIA-financed, were infiltrated by paid CIA agents. Nearly a dozen American publishing houses, including some of the most prominent names in the industry, have printed at least a score of the more than 250 English-language books financed or produced by the CIA since the early 1950s, in many cases without being aware of the Agency involvement. A substantial number of the bogus news stories planted abroad were published as genuine in the United States, a phenomenon the CIA calls "blowback," "replay," or "domestic fallout."

Other times news stories and headlines are tweaked, or distorted, just enough for "damage control." Such was the case when USA Today carried a special report entitled "Doctor ties gulf war illness to anti-chemical pills." The brief report on page 6 came as Pentagon officials openly denied a common cause for "Gulf War Syndrome"--the headaches, chronic fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms that as many as 50,000 Desert Storm veterans experienced in the aftermath of the war. A brief one line disclosure by the principle investigator, Scottish scientist Goran Jamal, noted the most likely cause of the syndrome "were vaccinations" and not "pills."

Days later an esteemed American cancer researcher, Dr. Garth Nicolson, chairman of the Department of Tumor Biology at the University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center made headlines, in the National Enquirer, for a different reason.

For months he had tried to gain media attention regarding his discovery that more than half of "Chronic Fatigue-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome" (CFIDS) patients were infected by a variant of a common germ known as Mycoplasma fermentans. His letter to the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, and a lengthy article in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, included the discovery that about 80 percent of these people were helped by taking an inexpensive antibiotic--Doxycycline.

More astonishing, however, was his finding that the microbe's strength and insidious behavior was associated with a special gene identical to the one that codes for HIV's outer envelope.

His conclusion? The organism was undoubtedly developed in a lab and most likely transmitted, once again, accidentally or intentionally through the vaccines administered to the soldiers.

Within days, however, major television networks responded by broadcasting alternative conclusions reached by other scientists, incredibly, from the University of Texas, where Nicolson was suddenly being pressured to leave his tenured post. Their studies, funded suspiciously by Ross Perot, showed that chickens injected with the chemicals given to Gulf War soldiers to prevent infections were weakened by the drug interactions.

"What does it all mean?" asked investigative reporter Bill Schaap, a long-time CIA observer:

It is not rhetoric to claim that "thought control" is [here]. . . . COINTELPRO and Operation CHAOS are alive and well. The government wants, on the one hand, a blank check to spread its disinformation, and on the other, vast powers to prevent anyone from accusing it of doing so. Clearly, truth is the first casualty of cold wars as well as hot wars.

James Bond, "A View to a Kill," and MAXXAM, Inc.

For those who might argue that Dr. Horowitz's writings approximate fictional cinema more than reality, his book Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrosism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 2001) provides a slam-dunk reality check. Here the public health and media expert directs attention to, among other suspects in a global conspiracy, the MAXXAM/Kaiser company. In fact, this entity's corporate description read so much like the James Bond Hollywood thriller, A View to a Kill, that hedecided to screen the video again and take notes.

Here's an excerpt from his highly acclaimed book:

First, it should be recalled that James Bond's character was invented by Ian Fleming, born in 1908 into a wealthy Scottish banking family. Thus, according to biographer John Cork, "Ian Lancaster Fleming grew up the member of a rare class of Englishmen for whom all options are open. . . . Ian's father was a service-oriented land-owner in Oxfordshire and a member of Parliament." By 1939, following a brief career in journalism as a Reuters reporter, it appeared that "Fleming had become bored. . . . During his Reuters days, [he] had made friends in the Foreign Office, and maintained them even as a banker. In 1939, Fleming oddly took on an assignment for the [London] Times to return to the Soviet Union to report on a trade mission. It appears that Fleming, in fact, was all the time spying for the Foreign Office." By "May of 1939, Fleming started a more formal attachment to the intelligence service, working with Naval Intelligence." Soon, he became a full-time assistant to the director, . . . and later Commander. Fleming became the right-hand man to one of Britain's top spymasters, Admiral John Godfrey."

[Emphasis added here and below.]

"The war was good to Fleming," continued Cork, "tapping his imagination, forcing him to work within discipline. Fleming schemed, plotted, and carried out dangerous missions. From the famous Room 39 in the Admiralty building in London's Whitehall, Fleming tossed out a myriad of off-beat ideas on how to confuse, survey, and enrage the Germans." Later his works would do the same globally.

Biographer Cork emphasized the "Fleming flair" that "proved to be his greatest strength in Naval Intelligence. . . . Yet, Fleming understood the business side of the war. . . . As assistant to Admiral Godfrey, Fleming wrote countless memos and reports. His style and elegant arguments, plus his seemingly limitless knowledge of his subjects made the usual dry missives a pleasure to read. Eventually, Fleming wrote memos to William "Wild Bill" Donovan on how to set up the OSS, apparently based on intelligence provided by Tavistock officials in The Kettering Report. For that bit of work, Fleming received a revolver engraved with the CIA director's thanks: "For Special Services."

So Fleming was actually instrumental, along with Germany's Reinhard Heydrich, in helping to establish the OSS and CIA.

Thus, the truth about James Bond films is that they are indeed based on extensive accurate intelligence with names changed to protect "the business side of war." As entertaining propaganda, they provide a perfect venue for PSYOPs and population control C2W.

In the Hollywood movie "A View to a Kill" the film depicts virtually every major element discussed above. A eugenically engineered psychopathic humanoid named "MAX," the President of the "ZORIN Corporation," determined to establish a global cartel for the manufacture of very special microchips. Unlike normal silicone microchips that were susceptible to destruction by Star Wars weaponry, these innovations were electromagnetic radiation resistant. The KGB, MI6 and CIA wanted them. Together with his father, an ex-Nazi neuroendocrinologist,  MAX dabbled in breeding "Class 1 thoroughbreds" from inferior stocks. Besides controlling government officials as desired, his ultimate plan included violating the environment as needed, including a nuclear strike on a fault line in Silicon Valley to accomplish his global Star Wars industry takeover.

Busting Code 6 and the Cryptocracy

Take note of the double "XX" at the center of MAXXAM, Inc.'s name as if to doubly reinforce that "‘X' marks the spot." Likewise, the symbol for "adult entertainment"--"XXX"-- and the sex and violence oriented XFL both contain three "Xs." With the XFL, two "Xs" were always seen in its logo, and a third "X" was always simultaneously seen in the station identification marker on the upper right corner of every television screen. The generally unrecognized code is commonly found highlighting the Rockefeller-directed EXXON company's logo as well.

As explained [in Death in the Air], these symbols are numerologically encoded. A select few have been decoded here to reveal definitive, statistically significant, links between these companies and the sinister administration of modern forms of eugenics, population control, and technotronic warfare. Herein, the decoding methods advanced by Dr. Joseph Puleo in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse were useful, but rather than the standard Pythagorean system [as shown in figure 17.2 in this book], the multiples of 6 appear to be most pertinent to exposing this global "beast."

Quickly summarized, using Pythagorean mathematics, as the mystery schools have done for millennia, Dr. Puleo identified Bible codes used by Masonic globalists to obscure sacred knowledge, keeping it hidden from anyone not aware of the concealed codes. As discussed previously regarding Nikola Tesla's work in quantum physics and electromagnetism, the energy dynamics of the "3s, 6s, and 9s" were found to hold special energy and spiritual significance to the holders of this sacred arcana. Given this knowledge, by using the Pythagorean 1–9, 1–9, 1–8 numbering system and equivalents for the 26 letters of the English alphabet, . . . I was able to determine the origin, and largely the meaning, of the British Secret Service's alpha-numeric code "MI6." It was apparent that England's "Military Intelligence" brand--MI6--derived from the Latin words's "MI-ra gestorum," meaning "MIracle" in english. numerologically, mathematically and metaphysically, it derived from the third note of the ancient musical scale whose frequency was "528," and whose tone was MIddle "C." Stunningly, that precise frequency has been routinely used by leading military weapons contractors and world renowned genetic biochemists. Weapons engineers typically use that frequency and pitch to tune sophisticated military hardware. Geneticists use the same frequency to repair damaged DNA. These associations linking the military orientation of MI6 to its chief objective--to facilitate British colonialism and, when needed, eugenics--are definitive.

The number "6" in MI6 was derived by determining the sum of the added numbers in "528," that is, 5+2+8=15, and again, 1+5=6, as was routinely done in the Pythagorean mystery schools. The number 6, central to the "3s, 6s, and 9s" power, has special significance in the fields of theology, metaphysics, alchemy, the occult, Islam, traditional Judeo-Christian religions, water science, organic chemistry, genetics, and medical science in general. It is no random "coincidence," for instance, that God took 6 days to create the universe, that organic molecules are all based on six-sided hexagonal carbon rings, and that the majority of clustered water rings forming the supportive electromagnetic frequency conducting matrix of DNA necessary for cellular "upregulation" of metabolic functions are 6 sided like the "Star-of-David" more accurately termed "Solomon's seal." This sacred geometric form, to this day, is renowned as an amulet associated with protective qualities that, according to Webster's Dictionary, are preventive against infectious diseases.

Additional genetic research in this area of bioelectric science, as it relates to Atomic Energy Commission and population control objectives, is discussed in the final chapter of this book.

As shown in figures 17.3, and 17.4, the column of multiples of 6 provides the Pythagorean sequence of "6, 3, 9" and the base-ten 26 letter alphanumeric sequence shown (i.e., 6, 12, 18, 24, etc., etc.). These sequences include the codes most frequently used by the Illuminati or highest level secret society leaders. Using this knowledge for code-breaking, the word MAXXAM decodes for the number 15 or 1+5=6, as does the trade name EXXON. The alpha-numeric translation of EXXON using the Pythagorean single digit (1–9) sequence results in "5-6-6-6-5" wherein the "666" appears in the middle. The letter "X" in this Pythagorean skein also equals 6.

Relatedly, one of the chapters in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, The Technotronic Era, described how new technologies were expected to strain social and nation-state accords. Further regarding "666," Dr. Coleman argued convincingly that "we are already under intense strains through surveillance" largely due to this designated name for a super computer housed in NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Here data storage and retrieval for earth's burgeoning population is 666's primary function. For instance, data retrieval "will be simple" in countries like America where social security numbers and/or drivers' license numbers are preassigned, Dr. Coleman predicted based on documents he examined while working for MI6. These files, he learned, "could simply be added" to the 666 computer "to provide the surveillance recording announced by Brzezinski and his Committee of 300 colleagues. The Committee already in 1981 warned governments, including the government of the USSR, that there ‘will be chaos unless the Committee of 300 takes complete control of preparations for the New World Order. CONTROL WILL BE EXERCISED THROUGH OUR COMMITTEE AND THROUGH GLOBAL PLANNING AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT.'"

[Emphasis not added.]

In effect, the above details indicate that the British Secret Service's name obviously derived from forethought of this knowledge in mystery school metaphysics, electromagnetism, and genetics. More telling, it also substantiated MI6's mission centered on technotronics, psychotronics, and eugenics. Moreover, Hollywood has apparently been effectively used to conduct such psychological operations on the generally unwitting public.

The X-File Movie: The Antithesis to Dr. Horowitz's Thesis

Moviegoers and X-files fans may not know they were subjected to PSYOPs (psychological operations) when they viewed this film as well--a counterintelligence propaganda program and motion picture venue advancing the direct "antithesis" to what Dr. Horowitz's works have so famously advanced. 

Here's Dr. Horowitz's ongoing thesis:

That leading global industrialists engaged in secret socieities, directed by evil spiritual entities if not alians, produced the world's most deadly viruses, and release them periodically to affect political and economic agendas. Vaccines, Dr. Horowitz insists, have been, along with contaminated blood supplies, the principle genocidal weapons transmitting these new man-made plagues. 

Here's Hollywood's "X-File Movie" thesis:

That leading global industrialists engaged in secret societies, directed by alians, produced the worlds foremost deadly virus, and plan to release it to take over the world. Vaccines, agent Mulder seeks, are the only hope to save agent Scully and humanity from the impending global genocide.

Can you see the Hegelian dialectic here? Hegel's dialectic holds that a "thesis" (e.g., Dr. Horowitz's vaccines are deadly theory) followed by its opposite (e.g., vaccines are life-saving propaganda) yields "synthesis," that is, mass confusion in targeted populations made more susceptible to cultural programming in this way.

The Academy Award winning Martin Landau played Mulder's informant. In the scene wherein he disclosed the globalist/alien plot, and minutes later is assassinated for doing so, he explains to Mulder what only his secret society colleagues know. "You know these Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, he says," then goes on to explain the plot. Interesting that X-File Movie screenwriters actually incorporated the title of Dr. Horowitz's bestselling book into the script, right in this most informative scene--something like a journalistic stab-in-the-back, wouldn't you say?

Dr. Horowitz, however, got the last laugh, when the FOX television network, producer of the X-File series, was equally exposed in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare. The same alpha-numeric code that Dr. Horowitz used to decrypt the secret societies' involvement with Britain's MI6, deciphered the both words "FOX" and "Vaccination" into the number, get this, "666."

The Twilight Zone Television Show Proclaims "HOROWITZ EXECUTED!"

Another interesting "coincidence," brought to Dr. Horowitz's attention by several supporters across North America, was broadcast internationally with the airing of "Descent," episode number 100, of the famous television series called the Twilight Zone. Originally aired January 17, 2000 (around the time Dr. Horowitz was heavily influencing the international anti-vaccination movement), the program was written by Erik Saltzgaber and directed by Steve Anker. In the episode a "Dr. Arthur Zeller" is seen in a health clinic administering vaccines to a long line of willing recipients. Next to him is a nurse and another doctor both dressed like Zeller in official white clinic attire.

After the camera pans across the long line of experimental vaccination subjects, it catches Dr. Zeller's colleague unfolding a newspaper made to look like the Chicago Tribune. Headlines across the top read "HOROWITZ EXECUTED!"--particularly strange since Dr. Horowitz, or any "Horowitz" for that matter, had not been characterized in the story.

In reading the story line below, as provided by the show's producers, one can glean the essential political (eugenics and genetics) agenda against which Dr. Horowitz does daily battle:

Dr. Arthur Zeller is the doormat of the anthropology department, a mild-mannered professor who is the butt of his colleague's jokes and who never gets the respect he deserves. After the department head, Prof. Martin Stansfield passes over his cutting-edge research into evolutionary psychology and funds the project of his rival, Dr. James Feind, Zeller takes matters into his own hands. In the past, he injected timid rats with the gene for dominance. Now he injects himself with genes drawn from homo erectus, hoping to turn himself into an alpha male. It works. he's bolder and more powerful but, there are side-effects: he has strange headaches and in a fit of rage he beats Dr. Stansfield into unconsciousness. He gets it into his head that he must mate with Laura White, Stansfield's attractive grad student girlfriend, so he secretly injects her with the gene for submissiveness. She rejects his advances and he comes to his senses but by now the changes are coming too fast for Zeller to handle. His body is becoming more powerful, his brain is shrinking, and his intelligence is fading. He is becoming a homo erectus. With Laura's help he might be able to reverse the process, using gene therapy. But does he want to?

Grassroots Activists Desire Horowitz in Hollywood

Many grassroots activists have, over the years, approached Hollywood celebrities in an effort to gain their support in transmitting Dr. Horowitz's research. Most all have passed on the opportunity for various reasons. Here is one sample letters sent to Hollywood film producers Mel Gibson and Michael Moore by a Canadian grassroots activists on behalf of Dr. Horowitz:


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