Lending “A Helping Hand” at South Africa’s Positive 2006 HIV/AIDS Benefit

by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Great wisdom was taught by the Prince of Peace nearly 2000 years ago still applicable for saving lives and lending “A Helping Hand.”

In a community besieged by genocide, Philip Georgas, Divisional Director of Sun International Resorts (SIR), perceived this wisdom in conceiving Positive 2006—a most unique fund-raiser for Tapologo, a local hospice serving mostly children made orphans by AIDS. The disease has struck more than 30% of neighbors here. It has enslaved nearly everyone. The plague’s price and pervasive pain burdens everyone at “The Palace,” one of the world’s grandest hotels. Indulging in lavish luxury and the privilege of making money weighs heavier here in Sun City overcast by fear and uncertainty.

Life here is surreal. Irony pervades this place. We feast voraciously on the world’s most exquisite culinary cuisine while acres away slaves to this disease suffer and starve.

Moved by this monumental misery to make a difference, SIR accepted Georgas’s direction to host this nationally televised annual benefit featuring many of South Africa’s and Europe’s finest chefs, artisans, musicians, vocalists, fashion designers and supermodels. All the money goes to help area children in desperate need of holistic relief.

For the past sixteen years, as an AIDS educator, my cries regarding this genocide have fallen on mostly deaf ears. My performance has been like the cliché “a lone voice crying in the wilderness.”  Better ways and means by which I might make a greater difference stemming the tide of this tragedy have escaped me. I realize now the relative futility of my solo journey. The need to make people wake up and still smile has been missing in my professional life.

How can anyone make the AIDS genocide, and its lessons, appeal to the masses? More importantly, how can we stop the mass killing and enslaving of people for politics and profit?

The Christian Messiah brought his salvation message to common street people, the ignorant masses, alcoholics, and prostitutes. The governing elite were forced to listen.

To command a similar audience, Federico Fellini in his 1968 classic, Satyricon, tracked the tragedy of an orphan enslaved by social perversity, damaging sexuality, and carnival-life irony, in a morbid and threatening world.

Philip Georgas’s stage is similarly set. The Positive 2006 benefit shared certain uncanny similarities to the aforementioned. By telecasting the extravaganza, SRI commanded a commoner audience. The opulence of Sun City contrasted starkly with the neighboring poverty providing Felliniesque irony and surreality. Many found this novelty captivating and emotionally compelling. The shear grandeur of the event on behalf of children with less than nothing was overwhelmingly. The uncommon collaboration by more than leading entertainers proved heart-felt love, empathy, and positive intention is unstoppable in administering “hope, compassion, and healing” in all cases and places. The quality and quantity of these people teaming to give as much as possible of their talents and resources to manifest this blessing was staggering.

At Positive 2006, I purchased “A Helping Hand,” a painting that spoke to my heart, my sadness, and individual impotence. This portrait of a black child in pain, needing comfort, is me, along with future generations. The hand caressing his frightened face is more than maternal. It is your hand and mine. We touch the lives of our children sickened and saddened by contemporary insanities such as AIDS, whether we know it or not. These are our extended lives we touch for better or worse. Instilling the Positive 2006 message of collaboration “hope, compassion, and healing” is our collective mission whether we choose to accept it or not. The future of civilization on this polluted planet deserves our helping hand.

About the Author:

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an internationally known authority in public health with special expertise in behavioral science and emerging diseases. He wrote the definitive exposé on the genocide of AIDS, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?, between 1993-1996 for which he received the “Author of the Year Award” in 1999 from the World Natural Health Organization. Days prior to attending Positive 2006, Dr. Horowitz received the coveted Medal of Honor from the World Organization for Natural Medicine as a “World.Leading Intellectual.” His official website is: www.DrLenHorowitz.com.  His scientific thesis on the laboratory creation, chimpanzee mutation, and hepatitis B vaccine transmission, of HIV/AIDS is available at www.originofAIDS.com. For this work and more, Dr. Horowitz was knighted by the Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem in 2006 during a solemn ceremony in New York in which he pledged to serve God through humanitarian service.

Dr. Horowitz's work is credited for saving, and helping to save, hundreds of thousands of lives. To view a humanitarian AIDS relief project he co-created and sponsors in Africa, click here.


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