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Release: No. TB-93
Date Mailed: Dec. 12, 2006

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jackie Lindenbach—208/265-2575; 800/336-9266

Hawaii Charges Illegally Quarantined Student with “Truancy”
Hilo, HI --The State of Hawaii has charged a straight "A" student and varsity athlete
with "truancy" after forcing her indefinite quarantine for demanding a religious
exemption to the TB skin test.

The complaint, filed in the Third Circuit Court by Hilo High School Principal Robert Dircks, proves how "out of control" the Department of Education is under the health department and attorney general's misdirection and embarrassing administration, according to the former student's father, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Alena Horowitz, a 14 year-old freshman, was expelled from school on Sept. 1, 2006 and prohibited from returning by Dircks and health officials who claim state laws requiring them to provide religious exemptions for vaccinations do not apply to TB tine tests.

"Truancy" is defined as a student's willful irresponsibility towards school attendance. By prohibiting the student's attendance, then filing a harassing complaint for "Truancy," effectively threatening to take the former student away from her parents, state officials
are exposed to a counter suit for violations of state statutes, aggravated assault, gross negligence, criminal malfeasance and ongoing harassment, according to Dr. Horowitz's court filing that seeks a restraining order for Alena's immediate return to school.

Incredibly, the "truancy" complaint was filed by Dircks who administered Alena's forced quarantine, warned her and her parents not to set foot on school property, and rejected appeals from Horowitz, faculty members, and other parents, to discuss the laws covering religious exemptions and immunizations publicly. The State's complaint seeks to compel the family's signatures on home-schooling form 4140 making Dircks the child's exclusive home-schooling supervisor.

Citing Dircks's lacking trustworthiness, and numerous other reasons their academically gifted, socially-active, athletic child should not be home-schooled, the State's demand is viewed as "aggravated" assault, harassment, and extortion given the Court's capacity to
break-up families and place children in foster homes requiring them to be vaccinated and TB tested contrary to religious convictions and exemption laws.

According to form 4140, home-schooling also threatens the child's academic record and Carnegie accreditation, another reason the Horowitz's believe they should not be compelled to sign the form.

Dr. Horowitz, an expert in public health and outspoken critic of vaccinations and TB skin tests, has been working to get Alena back in school since her quarantine in September. He initially sued the State of Hawaii for violations of TB testing standards, religious
exemption statutes, and school administrative rules, but his complaint was dismissed on a technicality without hearing its merits.

Attorney Gary Zamber of Hilo is working to file a similar case with alternate plaintiffs. Using Horowitz as an expert witness, he hopes to obtain a judicial declaration stopping religious persecutions by reaffirming existing state laws that guarantee religious exemptions for students whose parents are demanding the restoration of their civil rights.

By dishonoring religious exemptions, and denying the application of Hawaii's state law granting them, officials are breaking at least half a dozen state and federal laws, according to Dr. Horowitz's filing.

Despite this formal charge of "truancy" being an aggravated assault on his family, Dr. Horowitz says, "it gives us the opportunity to serve the Hawaiian community."

Most people believe vaccines are safe and TB tests are effective despite documentation that proves otherwise. "Yet both have caused many problems health officials disregard and neglect to tell parents when coercing their 'informed consent' to these   toxic
injections," adds Ingri Cassel, Director of Vaccination Liberation
(www.vaclib.org), the nation's leading vaccine activist association.
"I have openly declared Dr. Horowitz an American hero for having the courage to wage the most difficult of battles by exposing the exponentially growing public health disaster threatening the health and well being of our entire nation."

"The fact is," Dr. Horowitz explains, "TB skin testing is a century-old immunological examination that should never be given to low risk children in public schools, including children throughout Hawaii, despite high immigration rates. State officials have been illegally refusing religious exemptions, criminally violating health laws, falsely
advertising outdated TB skin tests as 'harmless', and refusing modern alternative tests. We intend to bring them to justice."

According to Dr. Horowitz's "conservative" analysis, for every child identified with active TB through skin testing, 500 are severely injured. Thus, he argues, state officials have no scientific consensus or legal right to administer TB skin tests to people with no to low risk, or to those with bona fide religious objections.

"Unfortunately," he says, "people who have not done any independent research on this topic tend to naively trust health officials to do the right thing."

Dr. Horowitz's "truancy" hearing is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Monday, December 18, in Hilo's family court. This bizarre case will be heard by Judge Ben H. Gaddis.

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