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Hundreds of people write and e-mail Dr. Horowitz weekly regarding his work, his advice on healthcare and vaccines, ongoing research, and numerous other topics. So Dr. Horowitz has prepared the following answers to your most frequently asked questions, and we highly encourage you to review these before contacting us by phone or mail. Also, far more information, obviously, is shared in his educational books and tapes which we highly encourage you to read, view, or listen to.

For your convenience, question subject headings are provided below in alphabetical order.

If this FAQs page does not answer your question, or fully satisfy your concerns, Dr. Horowitz is available for private consultations at a fee of $200 per hour ($300 per hour for expert witness and legal work.) These can be charged to your credit card and scheduled by calling 1-888-508-4787. However, as a cost-conscious and commited consumer advocate, Dr. Horowitz discourages anyone from making health consultation appointments without FIRST reading his book Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science. This low-cost advice-filled book, (only $22.85) provides the answers to most consumer health questions. It will save you much time, expense, health, and maybe even your life. That’s why Dr. Horowitz wrote it!

For those who, for whatever reason, cannot read, or dislike reading, Dr. Horowitz has prepared a superb audio CD and guidebook package entitled, Taking Care of Yourself (for the very low price of $49.40). This also supplies answers to many of your most frequently asked health questions.

In addition, Tetrahedron Publishing Group has published Dr. Horowitz’s full day seminar program—Healing Celebrations. This 6-hour audio program is available for $49.40.

Finally, for those who prefer DVD programs, an 8-hour production of another Healing Celebrations presentation that Dr. Horowitz gave on behalf of WGGS-TV, Dove Broadcasting Company in Greenville, SC is also available for only $69.20. This one should be viewed in two sessions.

Obviously, Dr. Horowitz is legally unable to provide medical advice. So for people on prescribed drugs, we encourage you to consult with your physician, ideally a wholistically-oriented MD, a naturopath, homeopath, or other alternative practitioner in your area.


Question: I understand you were first in the U.S. to report the anthrax mailings. Why would our own FBI neglect the intelligence you provided?

Dr. Horowitz: Actually, I wasn't the first to report the anthrax mailings, I was the first to alert the FBI that Americans were at grave risk of an "anthrax scam." My alert came the day the first letter was mailed from New Jersey; and one whole week prior to the first press announcement.

Read my Anthrax Investigation: Special Report on Industrial Sabatage in the press section here and in the articles archive at www.tetrahedron.org. I conclude the reason why Robert Muller, et al. at the FBI had no desire to efficiently investigate, and solve the "mysery," was because of the CIA. This organization and organized criminals within our government, pharmaceutical prostitutes for Bayer (maker of the "anthrax antibiotic" CIPRO) and the anthrax vaccine maker Bioport, LLC (with ties to the Carlyle Group and bin Laden family) needed to keep their serial slayings with mailed anthrax an ongoing secret. Unfortunately for them, do a Google search on "anthrax report horowitz," and see that their covert operations have been seriously compromised.

Unfortunately for the great people of America, this is another instance in which the Emperor is seen stark naked, the crowd is jeering, yet the parade continues aided by gross negligence and malfeasance within the media's mainstream.


Question: Do you have any videos about allergies?  I live in Austin, Tx and people are suffering.  It's like they invent new allergies every other week. We've got ragweed, cedar, oak, juniper, molds, and a couple others I can't remember.  Or could it be that there are no bees around to take up the pollen.  Thanks Len.

Dr. Horowitz's reply: Allergies are most commonly associated with hyperactive immune system, a form of hypersensitivity induced primarily from vaccination contaminations of the blood AND, most importantly for natural healing, acidification of the body due to lifestyle risks: caffeine, nicotine, refined sugars, stress, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and lots of red meats.

Use the Healing Celebrations book and protocols for detoxification and deacidification with proper hydration with pH adjusted water.

You will soon experience dramatic improvements leading to eventual elimination of allergies.

If you get off this purification and pH protocol. Your allergies will return.



Question: Is it wise for us to have penicillin, or other antibiotics, on hand in case of emergencies. And where can a layperson obtain some?

Dr. Horowitz: Self-prescribing and/or administering antibiotics is very risky business. Antibiotics, including penicillin are generally bad for your health. That's why they are called anti-biotics rather than pro-biotics that are good for your biology.

Sad that the petrochemical-pharmaceutical industrialists lead so many harmful wars, including the war against alleged "infectious agents" when, in fact, "the germ is nothing the terrain (your body chemistry) is everything."

Antibiotics destroy your normal gut micro-florat. This reduces your uptake of essential nutrients from your foods, and increases your risk of malnutrition and yeast infections as well. Yeast grows when: 1) you body chemistry turns acidic, and 2) antibiotics kill normal competing "good" bacteria needed for digestion in your gut.

Commonly, people have fungal infections of their blood that go undiagnosed largely as a result of poor nutrition and antibiotic usage. For these reasons and more I shy away from using antibiotics while relying upon natural antibiotics including garlic and certain essential oils.

For skin infections, or to prevent them when cut, I exclusively recommend Tetrasil. It is absolutely awesome and works like no other broad spectrum anti-microbial works. It uses nature's ambient energy to literally electrocute pathogens. Plus it adds a silver-electromagnetic-field over the wound that hastens healing. The silver, as most people know, also contains anti-microbial properties.

Learn about natural medicine, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, and you will rely a lot less on the “slash, burn, and poison approach” to healthcare. Muscle testing and kinesiology may also be useful in this regard.

Another must for every family's library is the great Textbook of Alternative Medicine, Edited by Goldberg, et. al, in which I contributed the chapter on vaccination risks.

I also recommend boosting natural immunity every natural way possible: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually. I encourage you to explore the strength of herbal and oxygenation therapies, colloidal or ionic silve,r as well as certain pure waters such as higher pH, oxygenated, and clustered waters. These can be helpful in boosing immunity, preventing infections, and hastening recovery.


Bees and ELFs

Question: Leonard, I am writing to you because I feel you have the understanding and openness to resonate with my message.

I have a strong intuitive feeling that the alarming decline in bee populations across the US and Europe that represents a potential ecological apocalypse and environmental catastrophe that could collapse the food chain and wipe out humanity, is related to EMF pollution, a factor that is not being considered in this phenomenon.

Studies have shown that bees are not dying in the hive, something is causing them to lose their sense of orientation so that they cannot return to the hive.

I feel that, like other species that rely on planetary EMFs to migrate and for orientation, the bees might be disoriented from the microwaves from cell phones/towers, satellites, HAARP, etc.

It would be interesting to find if the areas of declining bee populations are in zones of concentrated EM activity.

I know that you understand the importance and influence of EMFs on the physiology of living organisms. Most people either don't understand this or are in denial about it. It seems that the focus has been on GMOs and Global Warming primarily.

I think it is worthy of investigation.

Thanks for your attention, to this communication,

Robert Broe, www.tuberose.com

Dr. Horowitzâ??s Answer:

Dr. Horowitz's Answer:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to write so consciously about this sad state of Babylonian affairsâ??this omnicidal threat of electromagnetic pollution that is decimating our BEE populations and more. Thiis is the crux of cataclysmic consumption. This is â??spiritual warfareâ?? whether youâ??re religious or not; actions completely inconsistent with civilizationâ??s sustainance.

Many of us have been screaming, â??The Emperor (that is, the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel) has no clothes. Yet, the Ozymandias Parade keeps marching. (See: Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare; 1-888-508-4787.)

In answering your question, I raise reasonable scientific concerns regarding this threatened extinction of BEE populations. These creatures are, after all, essential for plant pollination and food production. And also regarding civilizationâ??s most urgent risk, that of electromagnetic pollution, we must review DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral(Tetrahedron, LLC; 1-888-508-4787) for chapters discussing the primary function of genetic expression.

That is, biology is sustained by sound and light signals (i.e., phonons and photons, respectively). These are vibrational transmissions that affect cellular up-regulation--meaning all physiologic, neuro-endocrine, and immunologic systems are orchestrated mathematically, even musically, by natureâ??s purest resonance frequencies.

As you may know, my colleagues (such as Nassim Harramein at the resonanceproject.org) are advancing physical/mathematical proofs of the intimacy of electromagnetic systems, including biological, and a grand unifying matrix of energy. So it is proven, everything is, and depends on, energy in the form of sound and light.

Nature's vibrations are, thus, best suited for health and longevity. Yet, profiteers institutionalize competitive consumption rather than creative production.

We must get back to basics....

Honeycombs, like all organic chemical structures, are hexagonally-shaped as an expression of  innate spiritual/energetic intelligence directing BEEs' behavior. The effect of the electromagnetic matrix of math on all of life and universal construction, as best presented by Marko Rodin. (See:Walk on Waterand the analysis I did decrypting Leonardo Da Vinciâ??s most famous drawing, â??The Vitruvian Manâ?? in LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE book and the 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE. Go to http://www.lovetherealdavincicode.com and read about this concept that biology is energetically derived.

Explicitly, life is fundamentally composed of cells that carry a strand of vibrating DNA scaled precisely and proportionately to the mathematically-structured universe. 

You are, in fact, A DIGITAL BIOHOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION, PRECIPITATION, OR CRYSTALLIZATION OF DIVINE HARMONIC VIBRATIONS. Your mechanics are dynamically-endowed with the MUSICAL-MATHEMATICS OF MIRACLE-MAKING. This is the energetic/spiritual mechanism underlying "The Secret" of miraculous manifestation from creative self-expression.


In summary, the BEES are suffering from the same pathology as humanity. A spiritual/electro-physical consumption has corrupted civilization's energetic integrity. This atrocity, led by madmen advancing technologies that subjugate humanity, curtail free-will, and violate natural energy as they subvert spirituality/Divinity for sport-- power and profit. It is this Anglo-American, ego-centric, ethno-toxic mania that most endangers the Grand Experiment.

Pray for the restoration of the frequency vibrations of universal creation.  This enlightenment, that is, vibrational illumination, is necessary to sustain the BEES, biology, perhaps even Divinity.


Question: Do you have any information on Multiple Myeloma causes & treatments?

Dr. Horowitz's answer: Multiple Myeloma has been attributed to many things including viral infections.

My standard protocol for all cancers is to follow the 5-steps I detail in Healing Celebrations. . . . See www.healingcelebrations.com for a summary of this book and this approach. The package special purchase opportunity is very well worth the money.

Best wishes and much LOVE in the Spirit of health,

Len Horowitz


Chemtrail Sprayings

Question: Is Dr. Horowitz aware of the poisoning of people across North America from chemtrails?

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer: Indeed, this is an atrocious attack on the ecosystem and humanity. I have written much on this topic. Read some of my articles and press releases on this and related subjects at www.tetrahedron.org. Peruse the article section there detailing public health risks and toxic exposures. Also, get the definitive textbook on this and related urgent topics titled, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, it explains who is behind this hideous geopolitical/economic agenda targeting more than half the world's population for elimination. Don't be at risk! Knowledge of the truth shall set you free.


Colloidal Silver

Question: What is your opinion of using Angstrom-sized water soluble ionic silver as a defense against the frightening diseases such as anthrax, etc. I fully understand what you preach that there is "no magic bullet".

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer:
Peruse the articles I wrote or posted on colloidal silver at http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/colloidal_silver.html

Regarding ionic silver as opposed to colloidal silver, the smaller the particle size the better the reported results. However, I discourage people from taking colloidal and ionic silver daily as a preventive. This can cause illness.

I highly encourage people to use garlic and vitamin-C as natural antibiotics and antivirals. Vitamin C, in megadoses (do not use beyond the “bowel tolerance dose”) is a great antiviral and immune booster according to experts. Garlic is a good antibiotic.

There is no substitute for the essentials: hydration, oxygenation, detoxification, cellular nutrition, and attitude and positive energy.

Documentation Requests

Question: Can you send me the original documents that you cite in your publications?

Staff Answer: Lacking administrative resources, we are unable to provide a photocopying and research service for our customers/readers/clients. Most of Dr. Horowitz’s publications are heavily referenced. Libraries do provide these services including interlibrary loans of documents you request.

On rare occasion, the our staff will provide such services, but only for a fee.


Question: What is the healthiest way to fast and the length of time?

Staff Answer: We suggest that you download the free fasting information provided in the health tips section of the articles archived on www.tetrahedron.org.

Another great resource with even more information is Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science. His recommendations here involve fasts using what he refers to as "cayenne-spiked lemonade."

This consists of 6-8 large lemons juiced, preferably organic; Grade B or C maple syrup for sweet flavor (1/2 a cup); and 3-5 teaspoons of 40,000 - 60,000 HU cayenne pepper (as hot as you can comfortably tolerate it), all placed in a galloon jug filled with distilled water.

Consume nothing but this beverage and additional pure distilled water for three-to-nine days. When you break your fast, consume steamed vegetables, vegetable broth with rice, or some prefer raw fruits for the first 12 hours. Gradually incorporate grains and legumes after that.

It is imperative that your bowels move regularly while you are fasting. If you are in the least bit constipated during the three days, take an herbal laxative or a psyllium based colon cleansing product such as Dr. Horowitz’s formulation OxyAdvantage, that is cold-pressed organic aloe vera juice combined with oxygenating herbs. This will move your stool naturally and effectively restoring normal bowel function. Following your fast use G.I. Flora Pro, a very high quality probiotic to repopulate your gut with "good" nutrient-processing soil-based bacteria. (This product is far superior to standard Lactobacillus and Strep organisms for good digestion.)

Green Harvest Product (GH):

Question: Is GH a totally raw food? I am trying to eat a TOTALLY raw

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer: Yes. Green Harvest is totally raw, "optimally organic," according to my manufacturer, which means "certified wild crafted" botanicals for purety are used as a substitute when organics are not available or cost prohibitive.

Question: About the chlorella in Green Harvest. In the book Green Barley Essence, it said that chlorella is hard to digest. It can also cause eczema and skin inflammation, and it contains components which are hazardous to the human body. Have you seen this with Green Harvest?

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer: We have not seen this to be the case with thousands of people drinking Green Harvest fruit smoothies. If this had been noted, we would have investigated and likely removed the chlorella from the product.

Typically eczema and skin inflammation is associated with dehydration, body acidification, poor digestion/nutrition, lack of adequate chewing, vaccine side effects, and even anger/stress/liver dysfunction. Handle these risks and the eczema naturally resolves.

Question: Regarding the broccoli and carrot powder in Green Harvest. I recently heard on TBN a doctor saying that it says in the Bible not to eat hybrid foods and much to her surprise she found out that broccoli and carrots are hybrid foods. What do you know about this?

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer: We try to steer clear of genetically engineered foods. Typically, organic vegetable growers shy away from using genetic hybrids. We will have to investigate this further, however, since we too always desire to follow Yah's laws. If we find our organic broccoli and carrot powder derives from genetically altered vegetables, then we will replace it.

Also, we're not sure we can trust this piece of information or its source. A lot of people are saying a lot of strange things these days.

Question: Is it okay to mix fruit with Green Harvest? I have always heard not to mix fruit and vegetables.

Dr. Horowitz’s Answer:
Generally speaking you are correct, however, because Green Harvest is powdered, and far more bioavailable in its basic nutrients, the digestive enzymes and digestion process does not seem to be an issue with this product and your correct edict regarding mixing fruits with vegetables. At least, we have never heard a report regarding indigestion with Green Harvest mixed in with fruit smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt with fruit. My stomach is fairly touchy. For instance, I get indigestion with things most people might not feel, such as canola oil. Green Harvest has been my nutritional staple for nearly a decade, now, and if I miss my morning smoothie, I do not feel right. That is, I miss the nutrients, which means I am digesting this and assimilating this combination of fruit and vegetable powders well.

Mailing List Additions

Question: How do I get on your mailing list, and will you please send me a hardcopy of Dr. Horowitz’s press releases and other material he airs on his radio program?

Staff Answer: The easiest way to get on our mailing list and receive our press releases is to fill out the e-mail registration form on the www.healthyworlddistributing.com website.

Note: Most all of Dr. Horowitz’s press releases are archived herein or at www.tetrahedron.org. You can email us to inquire about a specific press releases or documentation you are searching for. (See “Documentation Requests” above.) We are not set up to process requests for copies of materials that are on our websites. If you do not have access to a computer, we suggest you go to your local library to print material off of our website.

Military Vaccines

(See Vaccines)


Pesticide Sprayings

Question: What can we do to help stop the spraying of toxic pesticides they say is needed to prevent West Nile Virus outbreaks?

Dr. Horowitz: In Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, I wrote six chapters devoted to this issue. We have waved copyrights to this part of the book in the hope that people in the regions targeted for spraying will photocopy and distribute this information to all health officials and legislators in their areas to STOP THE SPRAYING! We are hopeful that the public will innundate government officials with the truth regarding this deadly spraying operation.

We had hoped that Denise Kucinich's bill H.R. 2977/H.R. 3616 might have made a major impact in Congress, but it has failed in this regard.

Also included in this book are the most advanced developments in the field of population control in which this pesticide spraying campaign appears to play a role. Genetically engineered viruses and bacteria, the latest technologies for biological warfare, and combined exposures to biochemical, metallic, and electromagnetic agents, are also discussed in the text. These offer a "Star Wars"-like arsenal for conducting global genocide auspiciously for "public health,""National Security," and "world peace."

Americans need to get a chilling grip on reality.

Reprinted in the book are the most stunning U.S. Government documents you have ever seen! These vividly expose the secret agendas of war waging by the world's wealthiest colonialists (i.e., globalists). This book relays their political intentions, exposes their and puppet warlords, and much more. You can also get the book off-line by calling 1-888-508-4787.

Product Pricing

Question: Hello - I am a huge fan of yours, and will be sharing some videos and audio files I found online with friends and acquaintances.
I went to drlenhorowitz.com to see what you offered "officially", and I must say you charge quite a bit for your DVDs and CDs. I would think that if your main goal is to get the info out to people, the prices wouldn't be quite that high. Why are your educational DVDs, CDs and video prices so high. Many people give these away for free to help humanity. Why don't you?

Answer: Our main financial support comes from people who buy our books, videos and DVDs recognizing that we have dedicated our lives and all incomes to helping humanity.

I understand others distribute works of great value for free. I have many friends and colleagues who do this. They either operate: 1) by donations, or 2) they have other sources of supporting revenue. Neither has been our case for the past quarter century.

When I gave up my dental practice to do this work for Creator and humanity I made a huge financial sacrifice that was not a mistake, but an investment.

If you perceive finances as scarce, then you create scarce finances. I advise you to read carefully Love The Real Da Vinci Code that I paid to post on the Internet for FREE downloads for everyone globally. Your attitute towards money needs to change, just like mine has over the years when my lacking faith and trust in the Creator and supporting great causes kept me from contributing joyfully and confidently.

If you peruse www.healthyworlddistributing.com, our online catalog, you will see that we have recently added a "Donations" section for the reasons you beautifully articulate. These products we send out for free with the prayer and faith that people like you will send us an affordable donation so that we can continue to operate our ministry, research, and educational product-development services.

Finally, the prices we have established for our books, DVDs, and CDS have, in fact, been heavily determined by these trade markets and professionals. For example Jonathan Goldman, who we buy excellent products from to resell (e.g., the Holy Harmony CD), or Tim Crawford at UFO Television who successfully trades our titles in the video and DVD industry, tell us what is the current, reasonable, and customary price to affix to our educational multimedia products.


Speaking Invitations

Question: I would like to bring Dr. Horowitz to _____________ to present a lecture (seminar) to my _____________, how do I go about scheduling him, and what’s involved, including money?

Dr. Horowitz: I greatly appreciate your invitation to serve your community by way of a scheduled presentation.

Typically, I ask that you pay for my (and whenever practical and possible, my family’s) transportation and accommodation expenses.

Recognizing it usually takes me two days traveling to and from distant events, I request a dontation of $500/day in travel time.

Logistically, I prefer a comfortable auditorium in a convenient location close to eating establishments, wireless lapel microphone, laser pointer, PC powerpoint projector, and screen large enough for the expected audience.

Regarding administration of such events, experience tells us you need at least 3-6 active organizers working for approximately 8 weeks in advance of the event to make it a success. Grassroots promotions and regional marketing is ESSENTIAL.

Regarding honorariums, here’s what I ask you and your budgeting committee to consider:

In recent years, my suggested donation(s) reflect a sliding scale from $1,750-7,500 for a half-day or evening program, and $3,500-15,000 for a full day seminar made payable to a non-profit organization. This I felt was reasonable, considering I have a family, and it generally takes me one full day to travel to and from North American meetings. So if these fees are acceptable to you, they are fine with me.

Alternatively, I make exceptions for non-profits and humanitarian organization to help with their fund-raisers providing my non-profit publishing company can realize a net cash flow from back-of-the room book, DVD, and CD sales. This depends largely on numbers. A minimum of 500 people attending my presentations is what is required to maintain the fiscal operations of my affiliated organizations.

In recent years I began to regard my honorariums as tithes in rendering what many people said was a “healing ministry” and for which many were grateful. As my orientation shifted towards full service to our Creator, and bringing people to the truth in health science and related scriptural revelations, fulfilling my destiny and genetic inheritance as a Levite (i.e., the priestly tribe) became my overriding desire.

The Bible explains that I, the Levite, should not accept fees for my services, and that my rewards should come from our Creator in two ways: 1) The wisdom directed to me is inherently (spiritually and practically) valuable; and 2) the tithe from people who receive benefit from my wisdom, counsel, and services.

So I ask my hosts to search their hearts and pray to determine a tithe that they deem appropriate to the service and situation. The good news is that by so doing, we were fulfilling Yah ’s word, keeping His Law, and seeding into His Heavenly Kingdom which, when given towards advancing the Gospel (i.e., the good news) returns 100 fold according to Yah’s promise and the spiritual dynamics He established for miraculous money manifestation and human prosperity.

After you read and integrate the revelations in Walk on Water, you will likely agree that our ailing planet has not seen nor heard such great news for nearly 2,000 years. The book, and my Walk on Water DVD delivers the most powerful creative technology every conceived, that is, our Creator's music and mathematics. Thus, we are given the opportunity to recreate ourselves hydro-sonically in the image of perfection deep within our hearts, and to lovingly recreate our planet to reflect the highest aspirations and good we can achieve through Divine service. REMEMBER, THIS INVESTMENT IS SCRIPTURALLY CERTIFIED TO RETURNS 100 FOLD!

Star Wars Legislation

Question: Why do you support H.R. 3616 and oppose the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)? America needs a strong defense posture and a deterrent to nuclear invasions and national security?

Dr. Horowitz: You really need to critically read Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare to get the full picture.

Most people are opposed to getting “the Mark of the Beast”—today’s medical biochips and tomorrow's genetic nanotechnology. The SDI technologies and capabililties survey and activate these chips. This is the ultimate weapons system for surveying, coercing, enslaving, and killing massive people—global populations—besides manipulating the weather to create “natural disasters.” With this the oligarchy commands greater iatrogenic and eugenic precision than as been traditionally practiced and/or generally perceived. Besides that, your entire perceived threat of nuclear invasions and infectious attacks has been exuisitely engineered, simply promoted through propaganda—the mainstream media's manipulative malfeasance of the mass mind, by the same global economic and political powers that brought you the Civil War, WWI, WWII and now WWIII—"The War on Global Terrorism."

These people funding global terrorism, including bin Ladens and the Bushes, and are currently targeting America for a 50 percent population reduction. Have you noticed, virtually since 9-11, America has rapidly become the world’s lone gunman, and lone voice on this issue of the SDI? The rest of the world increasingly despises us as aggressors while the shadow governors move us ever closer to their planned Global Empire.

Please wake up! I’ll personally refund your $29.95 if you are not convinced I am giving you fair warning and sound advice: Read the book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare,.

TB tine test (testimony and question)

Question: Basically I was poisoned by (I believe) the effect of phenol in an apisol injection. That is a TB skin test that I again believe was injected into a vein instead of only subcutaneously. I have been suffering since Feb. 2, with many side effects; pains in my chest, swollen lymph nodes, pain formations on my fingers and toes (indicating rheumatoid arthritis). Symptoms similar to fibromyalgia patients, or possibly Lou Gerig's disease. My gait feels strange as well as my propreoception. I now get terrible muscle cramps in groups of muscles especially in thighs and gluts. I have general fatigue.

Have you any information on apisol? Also, taking neuro herbal formulas, as well as for tight muscles and homeopathic TB. I do work as an herbalist and acupuncturist and have been observing symptoms and treating them. I just need more information from a data bank if others have experienced this. The county health department is in complete denial that it is caused by the apisol. I experienced the first reaction 20 minutes after I left their office which was heart arrythmia for almost 1 hour. I developed cold sweats over the chest at night, and insomnia for months. My finger tips and toes and top of head felt as though stung by wasps for several days. Then it seemed to move up my hands and not feel as severe . . . This has grossly affected my income and my life. If you have any information, I would appreciate it.

Dr. Horowitz:

Information on apisol can be readily gained by a Google search. I can tell you've done a lot of research already.

I recommend you use your illness as an opportunity to further your incoming and outgoing education. You are very articulate and thereby capable of communicating your new knowledge to the benefit of other likewise challenged by this beast we disguise by its label—"modern medicine."

Likewise, to use your letter as an opportunity, your medical history attests to why I discourage people from getting TB tests. This is much the same reason why I warn people against getting vaccinated. Both violate the sanctity of your “Temple of Yah,” and Yah’s law that says to keep your blood pure and the seed from being mixed.

I co-authored a lengthy article called “Vaccination: The UnGodly Practice” that can be downloaded and stapled to your official exemption forms that you must assertively demand, basing your demand on state laws that allow for religious exemptions for vaccines and TB tests for the same religious/spiritual reason.

Think about what is in a TB test to produce a positive test result—inflammation and swelling around the inoculation site. Obviously there are foreign proteins AT LEAST from the tuberculosis bacterium. Likely there are extraneous proteins and some foreign RNA and DNA found therein as well as is customarily found as contaminants in virtually all vaccines. As you mention, the preservatives such as phenol etc. are additionally toxic.

Although I cannot give out medical advice, I encourage you to explore, what you likely know is my five step program. I present this in Healing Celebrations book, DVD, and CD programs. These steps include: 1) detoxification, 2) deacidification, 3) boosting immunity naturally, 4) oxygenation, and 5) bioelectric therapies. A summary of these areas, and my book, is available for your perusal in the Healing Celebrations section of this website.

In addition, I have posted information on my lawsuit with the United States Government through my activism in litigation with The Tuberculosis Control Program of the State of Hawaii and CDC's Tb Program Director Jesse Wing. This story is shocking and educational.

I heartily recommend additional products for you including the FDA UltraMK Miracle-6 Rife Machine. This energetically helps nearly everyone beat anything "UNnatural" in terms of ailments. For boosting immunity try our transfer factor immune formula, Immune Advantage, as well as the Clustered Water by Masaru Emoto. Call 1-888-508-4787 for more information if you are not satisfied with the information on the website.

Your Family's Survival Guide to Vaccines: Avoiding Health Risks, Injuries, and Far Too Many Deaths

Question: I am a nurse and have been told that if I do not get a Hepatitis B vaccine, I will lose my job. Is this legal and what can I do?

Dr. Horowitz: First of all, this is NOT legal but there are many institutionalized corporate policies that ignore state law and even federal laws. You need to look up the laws in your state regarding vaccinations, medical and religious exemptions, etc.

Ciite your state’s specific exemption code when writing up and submitting an exemption letter to your supervisor. Remember, state law always supercedes corporate policy. For more information on vaccines and resources for your state, go to the website administered by American Heroes Don Harkins and Ingri Cassel— Vaccination Liberation’s excellent website library at www.vaclib.org.

Moreover, unless you know your rights, and the full truth regarding vaccines and their suppressed side-effects, you are likely to be manipulated by well-meaning health professionals and administrators who believe in vaccinations.

These people do not know they have been hypnotized. They think they've been "educated." I say this with certain expertise. I hold a post-doctoral Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University, Department of Behavioral Science. This is not a "soft science" as you've been led to believe. It is very exacting to combat and manipulate people's minds and subsequent behavior for pan-generational omnipotent psychosocial control.

To combat this mental/medical/ethical malfeasance, I urge you to obtain the CD I prepared on this subject, Horowitz ‘On Vaccines. This is more timely today than ever.

Instructions: Listen to this tape not just once or twice, but three times. On the third time through, take notes and memorize the section dealing with this vaccination exemption matter. Only then will you be empowered to assertively communicate your demands for a religious/spiritual exemption, or other exemptions available in some states including philosophical and medical exemptions.

Also review the vaccination file in the archives section of www.tetrahedron.org for more information concerning vaccines.

Last but not least, according to one CDC official my book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? ($29.95) is one of the top three books said to have spawned the anti-vaccination movement in America. Get it, read it, and you will see why the grassroots made this a national bestseller. When ordering this book by telephone or over the Internet, consider purchasing the entire “Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations” package special. This will save you money and gives you the “Horowitz ‘On Vaccines’” tape for free. Call 1-888-508-4787 for more details.

Question: What about vaccines for foreign travel? Do my children and I need to get vaccinated to enter other countries?

Dr. Horowitz: Generally, no matter who requests your vaccination records for foreign travel, you can still use religious exemptions since most counties are religiously tolerant nations and they all recognize Judeo-Christian-Muslim laws that reign supreme over governmental laws.

In some cases, however, if there was an outbreak of a “vaccine preventable disease” that you were not vaccinated against, you might be required to leave that region or nation. Other than that, you should have no problem when you DEMAND, very assertively, your religious exemption.

Tip: Carry a Bible with you enclosing a copy of "Vaccination: The UnGodly Practice." And before you leave, study this vaccine awareness link.


Question: Do you have any information on anthrax and Bioport’s anthrax vaccine as well as smallpox and the new smallpox vaccine being proposed?

Dr. Horowitz: I have written extensively on the subject of anthrax (see first topic above), Bioport, and to some extent on the smallpox vaccine. These articles are available for review in the archive files of the website www.tetrahedron.org. Explore the Bioterrorism folder, the Anthrax folder, and concerning Bioport, see the special report I did on the CIA’s involvement in the anthrax mailings.

Question: As a soldier in the military, how do I get out of getting vaccinated?

Dr. Horowitz: It's like I've said many times, "I can't wait till they give a war without Satan's fools showing up to fight it."

For military personnel, their war begin when they sign up for training. They are most commonly employed to test experimental vaccines, drugs, and biological and chemical weapons. Recall they even ignorantly sacreficed themselves for nuclear weapons experiments in America?

Once commissioned, it is much more difficult to get exempted from vaccinations, but it is possible.

A couple of years ago, the Army was the only branch of military that would allow vaccine exemptions. These days, I understand, there are laws that have been passed that provides religious waivers. (See related articles.)

Brother, many would disagree with me, but in my humble opinion, you 'sold your sole to Satanl' when signing up to defend a nation and military controlled by a bunch of eccentric Babylonian Devil doers. In essence, since Uncle Sam now owns you have have less constitutional right to refuse regimentation and innoculation.

Still, you have a fighting chance to regain control of your body, your Holy Temple, and choose what you put into it. Especially since vaccines violate religious laws.

I have, in the past, encouraged military personnel to do whatever possible to avoid vaccines. I have even recommended court marshals, dishonorable discharges, and time in the brig to avoid the injections.

I still hold that vaccines are the greatest genocidal weapons in the world today. They are chief in the population control arsenal of the Illuminatti. Couple this with the fact that the U.S. military is being increasingly defunded, defanged, demoralized, and depopulated (e.g., Gulf War Syndrome largely linked to contaminated vaccines). All of this as we have been moving closer to One World Government and global “peacekeeping” administered by NATO and the U.N. This foreboding foregoing tells me DON’T GET SHOT WITH ANYTHING!

If you choose to get vaccinated against my warnings, or are absolutely unable to exempt despite your best efforts, I suggest that you boost your immune system as much as possible prior to the vaccines. That includes minimizing stress, and detoxing after vaccinating, as best you can.

For immune boosting products and information on this and detoxification methods please peruse our website at www.healingcelebrations.com, or call our toll free order line at 1-888-508-4787.

Question: What about tetanus vaccines? Aren’t they safe?

Dr. Horowitz: One of the greatest myths regarding tetanus is the belief that if you cut yourself with a rusty nail or piece of metal, that you are at high risk of developing tetanus. Actually, tetanus is most commonly found in the digestive tract of cows and horses. Thus, when most land was used for farming, if someone was cut by rusty objects, they more commonly contacted tetanus through manure exposures.

Today, tetanus is EXTREMELY RARE, and the best way to prevent it is simply by cleaning the wound thoroughly with soap and water, applying an antiseptic and bandage, and keeping it clean, until the wound heals.

I highly recommend using Tetrasil for your antiseptic needs.

Taking the bowel tolerance dose of vitamin C, and eating lots of garlic, would also be a primer for sufficient prevention (although most medical doctors won’t prescibe this).

To get more details about the tetanus vaccine, and how it was used to deliver depopulation factors, including the female pregnancy hormone HCG, listen to my audio tape Horowitz on Vaccines. This title can be purchased through our online store at www.healthyworlddistributing.com, or by calling our toll free order line at 888-508-4787.


Question: How important is water for healing and what kind of water do you recommend?

Dr. Horowitz: I cover this subject well in the book Healing Celebrations and on the audiotape interview I conducted with Jim Karnstedt called “Survival Water: pH and Oxygen” that is available from www.healthyworlddistributing.com.

I have found that most people's persistent health problems clear up after resolving their body's cry for pure and clustered water. 90 percent of all illnesses can be traced to persistent dehydration. Your DNA becomes electrically dynfunctional without its proper hydration matrix. Water is therefore VITAL to every aspect of healing. It is the conductive medium through which the Holy Spirit flow. Physical entrainment to this prompts healing.

I currently recommend pure spring waters with pH of about 8 for optimal health and daily intake. 80% of the water you consume daily should be this with 20% being clustered. Drink half of your body weight converted to ounces in good pure spring (80%) and clustered water (20%) daily.

Distilled pure water is best for detoxification and pulling toxins, including heavy metals, out of your body. (Our Prophyllite Clay is great for this as well). Distilled water also needs to be sent through carbon filtration and then re-energized in some way for it to be optimally healthy. We typically recommend distilled water for fasting, BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, distilled waters can harbor petrochemical pollutants following distillation since these can, and often do evaporate into the distillate. That’s why carbon filtration is essential for good distilled water. It is, therefore, best to start with pure spring water in your distillation tank, not city or polluted waters.

The best distiller on the market, in my opinion, is the Polar Bear, produced in Canada and distributed by HealthyWorldDistributing.com. This stainless steel workhorse comes equipped with a carbon filtration chamber for the best result. It lacks, like most distillers, an electromagnetic or acoustic frequency quality enhancer. So you may want to put a 3E on your glass water container and/or in front of stereo speakers playing classical music or Jonathan Goldman’s “Holy Harmony” CD. (I highly recommend Al Harris’s “Divine Harmony” CD also for personal enjoyment and spiritual upliftment. Goldman's contribution uses the EXACT frequencies of “healing codes” that Dr. Puleo and I presented and discussed in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, plus three additional tones completing "The Perfect Circle of Sound." Sound and prayer has been shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan to dramatically impact the structure and electrical qualities of water and water clusters. See his awesome books, Hidden Messages in Water, and The Message From Water.

Reverse osmosis water may be pure, but it is dead—energetically lifeless. That’s why you need to also electrically recharge this water before it is optimal as suggested above.

Obviously, store waters sold in plastic containers pick up the toxic plastics to some degree, and are less than ideal. Choose glass bottles to store your water.

The best water found in healthfood stores is Trinity Water from a deep well in the great state of Idaho. The high pH of Trinity's "Original" water is therapeutic and should be taken as directed on their label.

Who is Dr. Horowitz

Question: What kind of doctor is “Dr. Len Horowitz” and what are his credentials?

Staff answer: Dr. Len Horowitz received his doctorate in medical dentistry from Tuft’s University (D.M.D.), his master’s degree in health education/counseling psychology from Beacon College and his Master of Public Health degree in behavioral science/media health education/health promotion from Harvard (M.P.H.) He has authored more than two-dozen books, audiotapes and videotapes, among them, the national best-selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola? Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Dr. Horowitz broke into national prominence in 1993 as the chief investigator of the murder theory in the case of the Florida dentist who mysteriously transmitted the AIDS virus to Kimberly Bergalis and five other patients. Dr. Horowitz solved the medical mystery when he unearthed and published scientific evidence showing that the dentist precisely fit the FBI’s profile of a serial killer. At the same time, he fell deeply into his first “government cover-up.”

Dr. Horowitz then took his interest in AIDS to the next level researching the 600-page text that became a classic as well as his first bestseller. In Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola? Nature, Accident or Intentional? he proves, hands down, that AIDS-like viruses were designed and manufactured by biological weapons contractors funded by U.S. taxpayers during the late 1960s—almost 15-years before their alleged discovery by the same scientists.

Dr. Horowitz has been a frequent guest on internationally syndicated television and radio talk shows including return visits to CNN and TBN’s “Praise the Lord” program viewed in 62 million homes around the world. In addition, he has been a repeat guest of “Coast-to-Coast”—America’s most listened to late night radio show hosted by George Noory, Art Bell, and others.

His book Healing Celebrations demystified how miraculous healings can occur through an understanding of ancient scripture, natural medicine and modern science.

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, is among the most stunning U.S. Government exposés ever published. It solidly documents the perpetration of global genocide by infamous military¬medical/pharmaceutical-petrochemical industrialists.

In DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, he "slam dunks" the notion that we are above all spiritual beings, and genetic engineering presents the greatest and gravest threat Earth has ever seen.

Walk on Water presents the core creative frequencies of the universe revealing our Creator's creationistic technologies.

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