See if you can relate. . . .


“I am willing to sacrifice my life for God and truth in defense of the American people, especially in efforts to avert massive killings that may accrue from overlooked biological and chemical threats; even if these threats include elements within our own cryptocracy, . . . Shouldn’t we, the People of the United States, expect the same from you, our highest ranking FBI official?”

Dr. Len Horowitz, Nov. 7, 2001, Personal letter of appeal to FBI Director Robert Mueller to conduct an honest and effective anthrax mailings investigation

At Positive 2006, I purchased “A Helping Hand,” a painting that spoke to my heart, my sadness, and individual impotence. This portrait of a black child in pain, needing comfort, is me, along with future generations. The hand caressing his frightened face is more than maternal. It is your hand and mine. We touch the lives of our children sickened and saddened by contemporary insanities such as AIDS, whether we know it or not. These are our extended lives we touch for better or worse. Instilling the Positive 2006 message of collaboration “hope, compassion, and healing” is our collective mission whether we choose to accept it or not. The future of civilization on this polluted planet deserves your helping hand.

Dr. Len Horowitz, June, 2006, Sun City, S. Africa

"Life would be hilarious if it wasn't for lunatics."

Dr. Len Horowitz, Sept, 2006, Commenting on Hawaii's "Dept. of Public Hell" and their Genocidal TB Skin Testing Regime

"There's such hypocrisy in public health policy I'm ashamed to call these people my colleagues. Imagine saying "Just Say No To Drugs" as you poison populations with deadly vaccines and toxic pharmaceuticals. We need to launch a Nuremberg Commission here in America to bring justice to all the official idiots whose sole defense echoes the Nazi's claim, "I was just following orders."

Dr. Len Horowitz, Sept, 2006, Comments on Hawaii's "Dept. of Public Hell" and their Genocidal TB Skin Testing Program

"Soverignty means its just between you and the Creator. No one else can interfere. It's a private party!

Dr. Len Horowitz, Sept, 2006

"We need to develop alternative systems for sovereign spiritual education and reclamation to free us from institutionalized enslaving systems of indoctrinational maniplation."

Dr. Len Horowitz, May, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

“The impact of the Spiritual Renaissance will be more profound than the discovery of fire.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, March, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"If not now, when. If not you, who?"

Dr. Len Horowitz, May 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

“We are on the ground floor of a royal Spiritual Revolution. Divine technology has been given to us for bringing Heaven to Earth. We are licensing it for a tithe in service to our return to lawful and loving life.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, March, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

“The only hope for saving our planet is to transcend the Anglo-American global eugenocide."

Dr. Len Horowitz, April, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"We must substitute faith in our Source for fear of our captors.

Dr. Len Horowitz, April, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"If at first you don't succeed, note the lesson in it, and seize the opportunity. . . . You're fortunate to be given a second chance."

Dr. Len Horowitz, May, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"Choose unification in the Divine Revolution. We are, after all, kin to the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Dr. Len Horowitz, February, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"The context of Christianity is Judaism, and at the heart of Judaism is the love in Christianity. Isn’t it time we celebrate our mutual communion with One God.

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"Faith with full loving heart opens the floodgates in Heaven's Kingdom, which is right here and now. You're standing in the mathematical matrix. That's why we were advised to seek this place first before anything else. The energy, the power, is in and behind this math—this universal law. This knowledge, faith, and trust exclusively enables and Divinely empowers physical salvation in the Holy Spiritual Revolution.

Dr. Len Horowitz, April, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

“Most people take better care of latrines than they do their children. They clean the former with scrub brushes and soaps, yet infect their most precious possession with an obscene array of genetically altering vaccinations containing nerve-numbing heavy metals.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, April, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”


"In this new world, our great American law enforcement agency, the FBI, under restraints posed by the Bush administration and the CIA, has been reduced to a group of Federal Bungling Incompetents.

Dr. Len Horowitz, November 28, 2001, international press release concerning the failed anthrax mailings investigation

“It’s a miracle, and gift from Source, we are breaking free from the bondage of the medical dieties. Recognize the miracle of everything that is still alive on this planet, despite all the pollution and poisoning. This strongly suggests we have a Creator that is unstoppable working against our petrochemical–pharmaceutical prostitutes.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, April, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

“Awaken from your hypnotic induction! Medical deities have you trance-fixed in a drug-cult. They use pseudoscience like a siren’s song pulls you along. Our global elite use the media’s mainstream like a hypnotist uses his voice. . . . “When I snap my fingers you will awaken. You will not remember your enslavement by the international bankers and petrochemical–pharmaceutical profiteers. Your nightmare of slave labor with institutionalized fear will end. I will snap my fingers and you will come back to your senses; to this normal place and time, and you will remember that you deserve better. . . . That you are divine by nature, and worthy of growing optimally with spiritual sovereignty. With a snap of my fingers you will recall your Divine spirituality to make your greatest heart-felt dreams come true.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

Vaccination is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded pistol. Gun owners are typically smarter than physicians. They know its critical to assess, with each shot, what they are firing when they pull the trigger.

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“Politics are extremely boring because it’s all a rerun. Study history to predict the outcome of the insanity.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

Wake up! The gravest risk to life, all species from every kingdom, derives from the global petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel-mutation-maniacs tinkering with Nature's (genetic) Bounty. This violation of the mathematical matrix of creation (i.e., the Divine energetic law) is literally sending distress signals (abarrent wave forms) to the edge of the universe.

Dr. Len Horowitz, May, 2006, On “The Insight Hour”

"I can't wait for them to make war with no one showing up to fight."

Dr. Len Horowitz, October, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“Culture has become a very occult cult.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, October, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“Freedom is perhaps the greatest of all human blessings. It offers the ability to make choices consistent with one’s highest good. It facilitates the greatest opportunity to fulfill one’s purpose in life, both enabling political contribution and social service. It is also a double-edged sword demanding constant vigilance and supreme personal responsibility. The scriptural prescription for this comes with the understanding that our Creator is bound by having given us freewill. Now we have to be completely responsible, personally and politically, for its proper expression. Without our wise performance in exercising freewill, we are destined for generations of hardship. So much for repeating history!The ultimate blessing from properly exercising freewill will come when a critical mass of loving persons choose to open their hearts, to the fullest extent possible, to be filled with the spiritual anointing of the Creator’s song. At that point we will raise our voices in harmony, not as victims in anger or condemnation, not as sufferers in pain or sadness, but with joy for the eternal communion of Yah* in (wo)man that makes us co-creators of our magnificent universe.”

Freedom defined by Dr. Len Horowitz for The Spectrum, April 21, 2003 (*Refers to the Creator’s Hebrew name, not “dog” spelled backwards.)

“The Messiah’s name is not the blasphemous Pagan name ‘Jesus,’ it is YahShah. I wish Christians would get that the greatest tribute and glorification anyone can give to the Heavenly Creator (Yah), is declaring the Son’s correct name. It literally proclaims ‘Yah Saves.’”

Dr. Len Horowitz, November, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“Our world is made deadly by leaders, propagated fears, and resulting choices made by hoodwinked people. From the English language we speak, and the words we use, such as referring to our great Creator as a ‘doG’ spelled backwards, to the toxic vaccines we consider good for our children, the myriad scams relay, and rely upon, one universal political scam. It is the greatest scam of all time. It is that ‘common folk’ remain unaware of their uncommon greatness. We are not simply human beings, but super-humans—eternal spirits having a physical experience. We are holy children of the Force behind universal creation. Convinced that we are far less, more vulnerable, and politically impotent, we have allowed, even invited, our leaders to enslave us.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, December, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

The dumbing down process begins with the spoken word, the development and abuse of language, and even more importantly, music. For what are words but sounds, what are sounds but electromagnetic frequencies, and what are these but mathematics and physics—Yah’s language and creative technology respectively.

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“Isn’t it interesting that no one remembers the Creator’s name anymore. Rabbi’s teach Jewish people that they are not holy enough to say it. Christian teachers proclaim the Messiah’s pagan name and refer to the Father as ‘doG’ spelled backwards. Horses eat hay to survive, humans who commune with ‘Yah’ thrive.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, September, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

“At this point of mass ignorance and general dysfunction, the only hope for personal and global salvation rests in the mathematics, physics, genetics and musical harmonics of love, which is completely Divine, innate in humans as their natural endowment and connection to the great universal Creator, and happily on the rise. Love, and the Spiritual calling, is rapidly increasing among those responsible and awake enough to call themselves co-creators.”

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
November 14, 2002

“The most common question people ask me is, ‘How come they haven’t killed you yet?’ The answer is, I live my life beyond the limiting context of that fear-based question. It’s like living in a very dark room. You can only trip and get hurt when you forget your light.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, August 12, 2001

“It simply amazes me that the Christian masses preach faith and trust in the Messiah and the Creator to create miracles, yet run to their medicine chests and “medical deities (M.D.s)” at the first sign of a cold.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, November 17, 2001, World Wide Christian Radio

“Have you noticed the 60-second drug ads on television now include about 5-seconds of toxic side effects? The pharmaceutical companies are not required to include these sickening side effects in these ads. If they were, a 60-second commercial would run about an hour.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, January 9, 2001, “Controlled America” lecture

“Today’s hospitals and medical offices are like the concentration camps of yesteryear, and vaccines are much like the gas. Remember, what were the holocaust victims told they were going into the ‘showers’ for? Public health and disinfection. Why are we told to get vaccinated today in these facilities? For public health and infection prevention. Pretty scary isn’t it? Especially when you realize the families that control today’s petrochemical–pharmaceutical cartel gave Hilter his eugenics program and marching orders.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, November 22, 2000, Emerging Viruses and Vaccines Presentation

“One person can change the tide if he or she is ‘the hundredth monkey.’ The challenge is to perservere without knowning your number in the monkey line.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, Letter to radio listener in response to Homeland Security Bill’s passage. Nov. 19, 2002

“If you are the Creator’s colleague, then you likely feel as troubled about humanity’s ignorance as He does without bellyaching about it.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, Letter to e-mailer in response to Homeland Security Bill’s passage. Nov. 20, 2002

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