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Just a few selected media interviews featuring you know who. . . .

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Selected Past History-Making Shows:

04/28/03          WTMA, Charleston, SC, Rocky D., SARS epidemic

04/23/03          CJAD, Montreal, Canada, Rick Peterson, SARS virus

04/20/03          MOJO, Toronto, Canada, Nelson Follet, SARS virus

04/19/03          KBDB, Reno, NV, Wesley Kakuchi, Healing Celebrations

04/14/03          Genesis Network, Joyce Riley, Vaccines & Death in the Air

04/10/03          WALE, Providence, RI, Jack Blood, Death in the Air

04/09/03         WTNI, Fox News Radio, Kevin Cruz, Vaccination Risks

04/08/03         WTMA, Charleston, SC, Rocky D., Vaccination Risks

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04/05/03         KSFO, San Francisco, Barbara Simpson, Vaccination Risks

12/27/02         KTRS, St. Louis, George Nory, Smallpox vaccinations

12/11/02         WRPI, Albany, NY, Dennis Karius, Politics of Vaccinations

12/06/02         WMOB, Mobile, AL, Kelly McGinley, Vaccination Risks

10/06/02         KTRS, St. Louis, George Noory, Bioterrorism & vaccinations

10/04/02         Talk Radio Network, Bob Dornan, Death in the Air

09/29/02         CFRB Canada, Richard Syrett, Death in the Air

09/28/02         KFI Radio, Los Angeles, Lee Klein, Death in the Air

09/25/02         Premier Radio Network, Coast to Coast w/ Art Bell, Death in the Air

09/19/02         Radio Liberty Network, Stan Monteith, Death in the Air

09/16/02         KGAB, Cheyenne, WY, Dave & Amy, Death in the Air

09/16/02         KTRS, St. Louis, George Noory, Anthrax mailings & vaccinations

09/11/02        WMTA, Rockford, IL, Chris Bowman, Anthrax vaccinations

09/10/02         WGNU, St. Louis, Liz Brown, Anthrax mailings & Vaccine

09/05/02         WROL, Boston, Jim Carter, West Nile Virus

09/03/02         WMCA, New York City, Andy Anderson, West Nile Virus

08/22/02         WGNU, St. Louis, Liz Brown, Vaccination Risks

08/20/02         Talk America Radio, Jeff Rense, West Nile Virus & Anthrax

08/15/02         American Freedom Network, Robbie Noel, Anthrax mailings

08/05/02        WKRC Cincinatti, J. Thomas & C. Kopp, Death in the Air

07/31/02        KTRS St. Louis, George Noory, Death in the Air & West Nile Virus

04/19/02        KKCR Hawaii, Anne West, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola

04/01/02        TNN Television, Conspiracy Zone, Kevin Neelan, Star Wars Weapons

03/27/02        KPFK, Ebon Ray and J. Maxwell, Death in the Air

03/07/02        WAIC, Talk America, Tony Gil, West Nile Virus

03/01/02        KKCR Radio, Hawaii, Ann West, Death in the Air

08/14/96        KCUE Radio, Al Axelson Redwing, Emerging Viruses.

08/13/96       American Freedom Network, Dr. Stanley Montieth, CA: Emerging Viruses.

07/14/96      1040-AM, Croft Woodruff, Vancouver, BC, Emerging Viruses.

07/11/96      KIRO, Lauren Scoggs interview, Seattle, WA: Emerging Viruses.

07/11/96      1040-AM, Dave Abbott, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Emerging Viruses.

07/08/96       CKNW, Kevin Kainz, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Emerging Viruses. 

05/09/96       WBAI, Gary Null Show, New York, NY: Emerging Viruses.

04/23/96        WBAI, Gary Null Show, New York, NY: Emerging Viruses.

03/21/95       WWNN-AM 980, Adam's World, Coral Springs, FL: Deadly Innocence

03/10/95       WOKB Radio, Jason Oliver Show, Orlando, FL: 1 hr. Deadly Innocence

03/03/95       WWNN-AM 980, Adam's World, Coral Springs, FL: Deadly Innocence

03/02/95       CFOF-106.5, Open Line, Toronto, ON, Canada: Deadly Innocence

02/24/95       CKCK-TV, Eye on Saskatchewan, Regina, SK, Deadly Innocence

02/20/95       WDNA-Radio, Elsie Ramos, Miami, FL: Deadly Innocence

02/13/95       KVBR KLZ-AM/FM, Don Kelly, Minnesota: Deadly Innocence

01/13/95       KBFW-AM, Chet Cory, Bellingham, WA: 1 hr. Deadly Innocence

01/10/95       KVOS-TV, Krystal King, Bellingham, WA: Deadly Innocence

01/06/95       WMJI Radio, Cleveland, OH: Deadly Innocence Investigation

01/03/95       WEWS-TV, The Morning Exchange, Cleveland, OH: Deadly Innocence

01/03/95        WJW-TV8, Cleveland, OH: Deadly Innocence

10/06/94         WGN-AM, Bob Collins Show: interview on Deadly Innocence

09/04/94          BBC  Radio, London, England: Deadly Innocence

07/10/94         WJNO-AM, West Palm Beach, FL: Deadly Innocence

06/29/94         WRCG-AM, Columbus, Georgia: 30 min. interview on Deadly Innocence

06/28/94         WLEA-AM, Hornell, NY: 20 min. interview on Deadly Innocence

06/05/94        KTOK-AM, OK City, OK: 1 hr. live call in on “Deadly Innocence

05/31/94        KOPE-AM, Central Point, OR: 1 hr. live call in on “Deadly Innocence

05/31/94        WLEA-AM, Hornell, NY: 20 min. interview on Deadly Innocence

05/04/94        WSX-AM, Brockton, MA:  30 min. interview on Deadly Innocence

04/27/94        KACK-AM, Lake Charles, LA: 1 hr. on Deadly Innocence Investigation.

04/26/94        KTOK-AM, OK City, OK: 1 hr. live call in on “Deadly Innocence

04/14/94         Channel 10 TV, Phoenix, AZ: 3 min. interview on Deadly Innocence

04/11/94        KOB-TV, Albuquerque, NM: interview on Deadly Innocence

04/11/94        CBS-TV, Channel 13, Ted Dawson, Albuquerque, NM:interview on

04/07/94        KFYI-AM, Barry Young Show, Phoenix, AZ: 1 hr. on Deadly Innocence

04/07/94         Christian Radio Network, Jon Tanner, Phoenix, AZ: 1 hr. on Deadly

04/03/94         KTAR-AM, Phoenix, AZ: 1 hr. on Deadly Innocence Investigation.

04/02/94       WWKB-AM, Buffalo, NY: interview on Deadly Innocence Investigation.

04/01/94       WSPO-AM, Wake Up to the World, Steven's Pt., WI: Deadly Innocence

03/31/94        WFNC-AM, Wendy Riddle Show, North Carolina, Deadly Innocence

03/21/94       WPOP-AM Hartford: The Judy Jarvis Show interview, Deadly Innocence

03/14/94       WRCG-TV Columbus: The Doug Kellett Show, Deadly Innocence.

03/11/94       WNN-AM Ft. Lauderdale, The Jeff Donigan Show Deadly Innocence

03/11/94        WKBRG-AM Costa Mesa, The Tim Barrons Show Deadly Innocence

03/08/94         WADL-AM Hazelton, The L.A. Tarone Show Deadly Innocence

03/08/94          WLLH-AM Lowell, The John McClaine Show, Deadly Innocence

03/08/94          WWDB-AM Philadelphia, PA: Susan Brey Show. Deadly Innocence

03/07/94          WDNA-AM Miami, FL: Elsie Ramos, Deadly Innocence

03/03/94          KDKA-AM Pittsburgh, PA: The Fred Honsberger Deadly Innocence

03/02/94          KOPE-FM Central Point, OR: David Masters, Deadly Innocence

02/28/94          WNEL-AM Greenbay, Tim Wentworth Show Deadly Innocence

02/23/94          WELI-AM New Haven, Paul Pacelli, Deadly Innocence

02/22/94           WRCG-AM Columbus, GA, Doug Kellett Deadly Innocence

02/14/94           WQCS-AM Ft. Pearce, FL: Jill Roberts,  Deadly Innocence

02/09/94           WJNO-AM/WRMF-FM Palm Beach, Jack Cole, Deadly Innocence

02/08/94           WFTL-AM Ft. Lauderdale, Steve Kane, Deadly Innocence

02/05/94           FOX-TV Miami, FL:  Channel 7 News Patrick Frazier, Deadly Innocence

02/03/94           WFNC-AM/WQSM-FM Fayetteville, Sue Runyan, Deadly Innocence

02/02/94          WBZT-AM Lake Worth, FL, Dick Farrell, Deadly Innocence

01/28/94           WPVI-TV Philadelphia, AM Philadelphia, Deadly Innocence

10/12/92           Hydrodent Laboratories, Inc.: Infomercial interview with Loretta Swit



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