Updated May 27, 2006

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Dr. Horowitz and protesters at Hilo High School, Sept. 8, 2006, challenging the State of Hawaii's "Public Hell Department" for "gross criminal negligence" for breaking State and Federal laws and non-compliance with CDC official standards which vigorously discourage TB skin-testing of "low risk" children at schools such as this.

The school's sign ironically declares, "It's Cool to Be Drug Free." Alena Horowitz, a devout Messianic Judeo-Christian who has never taken one vaccine or pharmaceutical (not even one aspirin!) was expelled from school Sept. 1, 2006, for failing to take the TB-test. The official action has promoted demonstrations, marches, petitions, and educational campaigns throughout Hilo. Legal teams are preparing civil and criminal complaints. (Alena's personal website is www.myspace.com/health_freedom_hawaii)


NEW! Hawaii Charges Illegally Quarantined Student with "Truancy"

NEW! Legal Answer to State of Hawaii's Frivolous "Truancy" Charge

NEW! Motion and Memorandum for Temporary Restraining Order Part 1

NEW! Motion and Memorandum for Temporary Restraining Order Part 2

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RECENT! Alena Horowitz Gets Expelled as Tribune-Herald Features Religious Exemption in Hawaii's Ongoing TB-Testing Scam

RECENT! Side Effects and Student Casualties of Hawaii's "Out of Control" "TB Control Program"

RECENT! HOROWITZ SUES Hawaii's Department of Public Health for a Second Time Compelled by Daughter Alena's Expulsion. (See also Press Room for Recent Releases on this action.)

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