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Dr. Horowitz and protesters at Hilo High School, Sept. 8, 2006, challenging the State of Hawaii's "Public Hell Department" for "gross criminal negligence" for breaking State and Federal laws and non-compliance with CDC official standards which vigorously discourage TB skin-testing of "low risk" children at schools such as this.

The school's sign ironically declares, "It's Cool to Be Drug Free." Alena Horowitz, a devout Messianic Judeo-Christian who has never taken one vaccine or pharmaceutical (not even one aspirin!) was expelled from school Sept. 1, 2006, for failing to take the TB-test. The official action has promoted demonstrations, marches, petitions, and educational campaigns throughout Hilo. Legal teams are preparing civil and criminal complaints. (Alena's personal website is www.myspace.com/health_freedom_hawaii)

A Press Statement from Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Release: No. TB-09
Date Mailed: Sept 9, 2006

For Immediate Release
Contact: Leonard G. Horowitz —808/965-2002; tetra@tetrahedron.org


Understanding Hawaii’s
“Tuberculosis Control Program”

Let’s get this straight:

As our “Christian Nation” conducts “War Against Terror” to preserve “Freedom,” “Democracy,” and a “Jewish State;” and our “Anglo-American Coalition” sends sons and daughters to kill “Muslim Extremists” in the threatened “Holyland,” “Patriotic” school officials and health administrators preach, “Just Say No To Drugs” and persecute my Judeo-Christian family for choosing to remain pharmaceutical-free. They expel my daughter from school for asserting her “religious freedom” to abstain from intoxicating blood-letting they call “TB-skin testing.” They revoke her exemption ordained by Bible laws, State statutes, and Constitutional rights. Now they threaten my family with arrest for protesting this injustice in a militarily seized, illegally occupied Kingdom of Hawaii.

Is this the “kind and gentle” nation you adore? America is asleep, effectively hypnotized, living a bizarre nightmare that fearful people are too paralyzed to awaken.*

Statement to the Press, Hilo, HI, September 9, 2006

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M. D., M.A., M.P.H.

-end –

*The seemingly improper grammer in this sentence is intentionally provided for affect.

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For interviews on this topic, or copies of the petition, contact Alena and Dr. or Mrs. Horowitz at 808-965-2112. To contact the public health nurse who ordered Alena from school, contact Judy Akamini call 808-974-6025. Attorney Zamber’s number is 808-962-0025. Permission to circulate and reprint this article is granted by Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 206N. 4th Avenue, Suite 147, Sandpoint, ID 83864, http://www.tetrahedron.org

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