“So far a Nobel Prize hasn’t been awarded to Dr. Len Horowitz, but it should have been, . . .he relays some of the most provocative and important information in the world today.”

Col. Bo Gritz,
The real life Rambo,
and most decorated officer in American history


 “In my estimation Dr. Horowitz has unearthed a covert operation run amok, that is bigger than any secret operation in U.S. history, and more momentous in it’s implications to humanity than the atomic weapons ‘Manhattan Project’ of World War II.”

Col. Jack Kingston
Ret. Strategic Planner, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon
Past Chairman, National Security Advisory Board, Washington


“Dr. Horowitz vividly portrays the inept, dishonest and secretive science found in our country's national laboratories and in international organizations such as the World Health Organization. . . . I suggest you consider his work."

Ed Gehrman
Sonoma County Bay Press


"Horowitz's theories help explain the sudden emergence of several novel viral epidemics since 1970. . . . [He] heavily documents that, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, cancer virus and bioweapons researchers were developing HIV-like viruses in their labs. Horowitz persuasively shows that there was strong motive to produce AIDS-like weapons. . . .."

Steven Kauffman, M.D.
Medical Research Modernization Committee


Dr. Horowitz lifts you to a plateau of knowledge with his imperative work that succinctly distills the essence of the greatest issues of our time."

Donald W. Scott, M.A., MSC.
President, The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation


“Dr. Horowitz has done a marvelous job of integrating recent developments in behavioral science into one fascinating presentation that gives his insights in how you can reach the optimum in you and your relationships. It is through this growth toward the optimum in you that you will more fully enjoy your life and career.”

George E. White, D.D.S.,Ph.D.
Chairman and Associate Professor
Tufts University, Boston, MA


“Dr. Horowitz was totally in control of his audience with knowledge at his finger tips. His voice, projection and dramatics were exceptional and information factual and informative. His presentation will go a long way in helping health professionals provide quality care for their patients.”

Ophilia Gorden-Bennett, R.N.
Ministry of Health
Kingston Jamaica


“One cannot fail to grasp the explosive significance of Dr. Horowitz’s work."

Garth L. Nicolson, Ph.D.
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Texas Medical School at Houston


“Ahhh...beauty and authenticity in your every word.  What a breath of fresh air to hear such open speech about what really matters, from anyone in this day and age.  It truly warms the heart and helps rekindle a tired spirit, especially hearing one speak so lovingly and faithfully of the Lord. . . . Your words just helped me to remember that we will each be safe as we rely not on our own wits or instincts for self-preservation, but upon the Lord.

Peter from Michigan
The Insight Hour Radio Listener


“It takes courage to do what you do while most would remain silent or not even be bothered to find out more, you put them first before yourself, the ultimate sacrifice.   I thank you for your insights and your information, you are indeed an inspiration to others.”

Agnes Heron
Toronto, Canada


“As a father of an autistic 7 year old I want to thank you for your tireless efforts and the sacrifices both you and your family endured because of your diligence. . . . I look forward to an encounter in eternity!”

Bob Gerber
The Insight Hour Radio Listener


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