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“So far a Nobel Prize hasn’t been awarded to Dr. Len Horowitz, but it should have been. He relays some of the most provocative and important information in the world today.”

Col. Bo Gritz
The real life Rambo, and most decorated officer in American history.

“I learned from Dr. Horowitz about 528Hz in contrast to 440Hz used in contemporary music that is “out of tune,” modified intentionally, similar to the falsification in the Gregorian calendar. Tones are really the most fundamental things, and I think it is really a problem for the whole of humanity if they are intentionally modified. 528Hz was really pleasant to me when I chanted that frequency. So, I always recommend it to people when I lead water ceremonies worldwide. Dr. Horowitz’s work is really important for those like me who are studying the essence of life.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto

New York Times best-selling author of Messages from Water and the Universe: Director, Emoto Peace Project.

“I just finished watching The 528 Key [to LOVE and peace] Movie. I want to congratulate you for a wonderful documentary. Honestly, what you do is so self- less. I am going to watch it again to let it all sink in even though I have read your book. Dr Len – you need to receive multiple nobel prizes for your work; honestly, I don’t say that lightly. I truly feel that you are like Jesus re-incarnated….LOL! I am totally committed to 528. I converted some background music into 528 and am going to now play that in my car and say affirmations out aloud in my car because I figure if language travels then I am in the right frequency for me to be able to manifest at every opportunity I have. Great movie! I have already told so many people about you, Sherri, and 528. I love what you both do. I am going to keep you both in my prayers so that the more people that send you positive energy the more amazing work you can do. My colleague and I share the same office and we play 528 music or Solfeggio tones all day. We talk about you both most days and I look forward to reading many more books. In fact, I am going to purchase your LOVE: The Real da Vinci Code book and your other books that are about self-healing and detoxying. That is the next thing on my list of things to do. Thank you so much. Sending you love and light.”

Mary Henderson
Coaching and Personal Branding

“Dr. Horowitz is quite appropriately included in my list of special and remarkable leaders whose creativity, exceptional intelligence, and skills have translated internationally into the good of humanity and giant steps for mankind. This shows the great esteem in which I hold Dr. Horowitz, an illustrious humanitarian and highly spiritually evolved. His vast experience, ranging from dentistry through to the clinical lab, public health, behavioral science, and medicolegal components, and his high level of ethics and morality in pio- neering projects and developing them, are an enormous boon to any group. This, therefore, facilitates not only scholarly advantages, but commercial ones for other academics, collaborators, partners, sponsors and any future employers.

You might ask, “How is it possible for Len to have so many areas of expertise?” We seldom see this, except in ‘polymaths’. And Dr. Horowitz, based on my experience with exceptional individuals, is one of the few polymaths I know.”

Professor Vernon M Neppe
MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society, Distinguished Fellow APA, MMed (Psych)

“Dr. Horowitz is a multiple award-winning author, filmmaker, natural medicine expert, emerging diseases and media intelligence analyst, and a widely-known consumer activist wholes contribution have educated and positively impacted tens of millions of professionals and lay persons inter-nationally during the past forty years.”

Mitch Fine

Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer of the State Democratic Party of California, Governor Jerry Brown’s administration.

In my estimation Dr. Horowitz has unearthed a covert operation run amok, that is bigger than any secret operation in U.S. history, and more momentous in it’s implications to humanity than the atomic weapons ‘Manhattan Project’ of World War II.

Col. Jack Kingston, Ret. Strategic Planner, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon
Past Chairman, National Security Advisory Board, Washington, reviewing Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?